Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 48 - "Cheese louise"!‏

Hello dearest family and friends! What a week it has been. Crazy! Busy! Beautiful! All of the above. I swear these weeks keep flying by faster and faster. Not sure how I feel about it. I can't believe I've been out for 11 months! But let's not think about that. Let's talk about how Monique is gonna get baptized! Woot woot! So we met with Mo again on Friday and had a fabulous discussion with her. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is probably my favorite lesson to teach. There was such a strong spirit and none of us could deny that the spirit was there. We got to the part about baptism and we brought up her tentative date again. We asked how she felt about it and she said "no". AHHHH. In my head I was freaking out! We had a brief moment of devastation, but then she told us that she said "no" cause she was gonna be out of town on the 16th. PHEW. Holy cow. So we stopped freaking out and set a new date for her baptism. April 23rd. Which will be awesome!! She is so great and just fits in so well with the branch. 

Remember those cool guys who just randomly showed up to church last week? Yeah! So we met with Anthony on Tuesday at Starbucks (go figure). And it went super well! Even though all of church on Sunday was about Joseph Smith and the Restoration we still thought it would be best to teach him the Restoration in full. So that's what we did. Who knew you could feel the spirit so strong in a coffee shop. Jk, I love Starbucks, guys. But really! The spirit was super strong and he was just asking all the right questions. I love how curious these YSA are! Unfortunately, by the end of the week Anthony had texted us and expressed that he no longer wants to meet with us. Sigh. We're pretty sad about that. 

Wednesday was exchanges with the Oshkosh sisters, Sister White and Sister Twitchell. What gems! I'm so happy that Oshkosh is being taken care of. Sister White and I had a wonderful day full of NO appointments! Seriously, guys. All of our appointments cancelled. Except for Christina! Bless her soul. And after our lesson she invited us to eat dinner with her. I love surprise dinner appointments. That's when I know that God is truly looking out for me ;) But really. It was lovely! Although we almost blew away approximately 7149 was still a great day. 

After pep-talking myself a few times I gave an impromptu talk in Sacrament meeting.

In regards to my subject for this week. Well, it's not that interesting of a story, but here we go. So on Friday before sports night Karlene made us dinner at the church. Some of the guys in the branch were cleaning the building and Sister S yells out "Geeze, Kyle"! Which obviously Karlene and I interpreted into "Cheese, Kyle"! Then it just escalated into all sorts of cheese phrases. After all, we are in Wisconsin, folks! It was kind of hilarious. Thus, "Cheese, louise". 

So, there you have it folks. Just trying to keep in real and preach the good word here in Winnebago county. Hope you all have a lovely Easter this Sunday! Let's not forget the "reason for the season". Which is CHRIST! He lives! How wonderful it is to know that. 

CTR, y'all. 

Sister Quist

Oshkosh sisters exchange! It was a long, windy, rainy day. #butwearesmilingcausewelovejesus 

Only one picture from our missionary this week... 
here are some borrowed from the Mission Blog:

Maren's first MLC (Mission Leadership Council)

Zone Conference

cute companions