Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 23 - Good things happenin' in Stalis

This week was wonderful and we were able to go to the General Women's Conference with Brittany and Kelly! It was really great. They were feeling the Spirit strong! We had a great lesson with Orlando, Kelly, and Brittany last night and Bishop and his daughter were able to come. Getting members involved is KEY! We talked about the Word of Wisdom. Which went well. Thankfully none of them have ever had a problem with that! They are SO ready and so prepared. I love them!! Brittany is on track and we are still working with Kelly. She is ready, she just doesn't know it yet. How do we get her to recognize that baptism into this church is the only way to eternal happiness?! Having a hard time knowing where to go with her. Hopefully her daughter's baptism will be a positive influence for her. They will be going to the temple to take a tour of the grounds soon, which will be AWESOME for them. They are all very excited.

The temple was wonderful this week!! We went with the Lenhards (a senior couple here), what a wonderful day! Hope you enjoyed the picture :) I always feel such peace and joy in the temple! It was much needed.

So tender mercy time! We went to dinner at the Mead's last night and basically it was the best! Kneaders french toast and orange juice! My fave!! To top it all off both Brother and Sister Mead are from Highland/ Alpine and went to Lone Peak!! They graduated in like 2005 ( I think), but still!! Crazy small world. They have the cutest girls. Erin (3) and RORY (1). And yes, she did name her Rory after Gilmore Girls. I found my twin haha! And it's nice cause Sis. Mead is Brittany's beehive teacher in YW's.

My focus...lots better. Can you tell? The Lord has been way too good to me. He has blessed me in so many ways and I just feel like I can't not be happy, you know?  But all is well here.

Hope y'all have a great week! XO

Sister Q

 a fabulous trip to the Chicago Temple this week!
 he's going to wait for me!

 visiting with Sister O
the eclipse from our neck of the woods

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 22 - Busy, busy in the Vineyard

Well y'all, this week was CRAY! I feel like I say that every week, but each week is a different kind of crazy haha. First of all last p-day was fun(ish). We just went and chilled with the Muskego sisters, Sister Wise and Sister faves! They are such a big blessing to me. That night we had a lesson with the Munoz family. The spirit was so strong as I talked to Orlando about being able to baptize his daughter. He was so shocked and just super excited about it. 

Tuesday we had interviews with President Cutler. Such a wonderful day! I love that man. He is so inspired and that interview was exactly what I needed. I asked for a Priesthood blessing and man alive, I love the Priesthood. There was such a wonderful calm and reassuring feeling that overcame me and I can't help but know that Heavenly Father does love me individually. 

On Wednesday we went over to a these two less active best friend's house. Wendy and Sheryl. They're pretty cool. They have 11 cats. We mowed their lawn and they fed us dinner. I had cat hair in my food. It was cool. BUT we asked them if they have work on Sundays and they said no, so we were all, "Perfect! You can come to church then". They haven't been to church in at least over 4 months. They came to church this week!! We were super excited and happy to see them there. 

Thursday we had an FHE with the A family. Such a cool family. We played Don't Eat Pete and talked about the Holy Ghost and agency. (shout out to Ali Peterson for giving that game to me!!) Later we went to the W family home to show them the mission DVD. Man, I love that family! Sis. W is a convert and has such a powerful testimony. We walk in and Bro. W starts telling us this story of how he gained personal testimony of the power of prayer and basically had me in tears. They are such a missionary minded family and are just great. 

Friday night we exchanged with our STL's and Sister Osburn went to Kenosha and Sister Green came here to West Allis! I have to say that it was probably my favorite exchange yet. Especially since Sis. Green knew the area and some of the people. It was nice. We statred out the day at a returning less active's house...which turned into more of a rant session. It's alright though, we brought it around. And we were able to go to Sis. Green's old investigator's baptism! Charlene is such a wonderful woman and her convert daughter and son-in-law were able to fly in from Idaho so her SIL could baptize her! It was a very powerful service. I love this church so much!! 

Sunday rolled around yesterday and boy I was so happy to see Kelly and the kids there!! She is progressing so much and Brittany as well. Kelly wanted to come with Brittany and Jayson. We were thrilled when they walked in the doors! I'm sure that this weeks' sacrament meeting program was inspired because Kelly was feeling the spirit so strong as people bore their testimonies on their personal conversion stories. I looked over and she was crying. It was incredible to see the spirit touch her heart. So we asked if we could come over later that night and talk to her and Brittany. Sister Stewart (the RS pres) was able to come as well. Kelly knows that this is true. I know it. She is just apprehensive to make any big jumps right now. But we did commit her to read and pray about the B.O.M. and she said she would with a definitive "yes"! Brittany gave the closing prayer at our lesson that night and it was so sweet. She prayed that her mom would be able to recognize that this is the truth and that she will want to be baptized too. Melted my heart and I know that the spirit was tangible in that room. We are excited for what's in store for them! 
The church is 100% true and I'm so happy to be serving here in West Allis!! 
Xo, Sister Quist

a trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum for pday today with some generous members
 "dumb dumb give me gum gum" 
night at the museum reference! the best!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 21 - Made it to West Allis!

Greetings from West Allis!  Hahaha yes, yes. I am safe... relatively ;) Yes, we have a car. Which is a huge blessing! It's a way nice car too. West Allis is not like Oshkosh, I'll tell you that. We were at McDonalds with a recent convert named Tubree and her daughter Shantella (7). And I've never felt more out of place! White girl alert! Sister Osburn and I were definitely the minority. They were playing Spanish music. I've also never been in a McDonalds where they had to have security. Lol. That's probably not comforting hahaha, but no worries. The Lord will protect us! And we are being smart and safe :)

Oh my goodness I love this ward!! There are tons of active families and I'm just falling in love with West Allis more and more each day. Plus, the weather is beautiful right now. Hopefully it'll stay nice for a while. On Thursday we had this appointment with a potential investigator and we go and she's busy, but then Sis. Osburn is all, "yeah the reason we were over here in the first place is because there is a less active part member family that lives over here". Awesome! So we go up to their house and I see Ashley in the front room eating and she invites us right in and introduces us to her non-member husband, Joe. And she told us that we were lucky we caught her because she was on her lunch break! Yay!! What a blessing. So we talk and get to know them and the whole time I'm thinking, how are we going to get back into their house to teach them? So I'm racking my brain and it hits me- FAMILY HOME EVENING. Duh. So I suggest the idea and they love it. They used to do FHE with the sisters and so we set something up for this Thursday and they offered to feed us (less actives feeding us?? awesome.)! But now we have to come up with a fun lesson/ activity for them that will engage a 6 year old. Any ideas?? Then we went to see these two LA ladies in the ward who have 11 cats. Yes. ELEVEN CATS. But anyways, we're going over to mow their lawn/ have dinner too. 

Anyways. The main people we are working with are the Munoz family. They are awesome. They had us over for dinner Friday night and just are so ready!! Orlando (the dad) is a returning less active. Him and his wife Kelly have 3 kids (with one on the way!!) and his daughter Brittany has a bap date of October 17, which we'll have to change to October 18. Which will be THE best birthday ever!!! Especially since we're working on Kelly, Brittany, and Brent (11) to get baptized that day. Pray for them and their progression!!  

Lots of love! Thanks for the prayers. 

Sister Q
new companions - Sisters Osburn and Quist
Shantella and I at Mickey D's. She makes me so happy!!  
 good ol' car selfie
 New Missionary Training before leaving Oshkosh 
(thanks to the mission blog!)
Sisters Coley and Quist

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 20 - the eagle is flying for the last time

Yes. That title was a Princess Diaries quote. 

But here we are the day before I leave Oshkosh! Sister Coley and I were SO shocked when we got on to see the transfer board! I thought I'd for sure have another transfer here. But the Lord has other plans for me. I'm not sure why I am leaving, but I am putting all my trust in the Lord. I've been thinking a lot about my time here in Oshkosh. Have I made a difference in anyone's life? I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter the amount of physical success that occurs. I've done what I've done and I've given it my best. I was reading in Jacob 5 today. And it says,

70 And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard sent his servant; and the servant went and did as the Lord had commanded him, and brought other servants; and they were few.
 71 And the Lord of the vineyard said unto them: Go to, and labor in the vineyard, with your might. For behold, this is the last time that I shall nourish my vineyard; for the end is nigh at hand, and the season speedily cometh; and if ye labor with your might with me ye shall have joy in the fruit which I shall lay up unto myself against the time which will soon come.

I especially like, "If ye labor with your might with me ye shall have joy in the fruit which I shall lay up unto myself against the time which will soon come". This statement has given me the comfort of knowing that as long as I'm doing my best and giving my all then I will eventually find joy in the fruits of my labors! I know that this is where I am supposed to be. I know that I need to be in West Allis now and that there are people there who are prepared to hear this glorious message! I'm a little nervous about the unknown of it all, but there is so much power in the Atonement and I can feel that divine strength as I rely on my Savior. He will never give us any situation that we cannot conquer! This whole life is about growth and the more time I spend out here the more I realize that. I've met some amazing pretty rad people here in Oshkosh. There will always be a special place in my heart for Oshkosh and although I'm sad to leave I know the Lord has something else in store for me right now! I love this gospel with my whole heart and I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the experiences I've had here. Every day has strengthened my testimony that this is the only true church on the earth. I know it and I love it!! :) 

Stay real, Oshkosh Victory hand

XO, Sister Quist

Sister Blas, me, and Sister Wise! Love my girls :) 
With Sister Goldwater at new missionary training. She was in my first district out here and this is her last transfer!! I thought I wouldn't see her again, but surprise, I'm headed to her zone now!! Holla! :) 
The Bishop and his wife had us over for cookies and milk Sunday night. Love these people!! Sister Rhodes is my favorite!! 
We went to the Stake President's house for breakfast yesterday and he is honestly apostle status! Such an inspiring man. I love the Kindts.  
one last selfie in the farmlands 
Love my little Peruvian children!! 
The Parades' kids. Love them!