Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 14 - EAA Air Show 2015 +Training

Oh yeah! We gave service at the EAA (experimental aircraft association) air show every morning this week. It was SO FUN! (world's largest gathering for recreational pilots and aviation enthusiasts) Even though we sacrificed an hour of sleep each morning it was so worth it. One night we went to the night show to walk around and talk to people and like 7 members came up to us. I felt like a celebrity! Not too many exciting things happened this week.  Just going to EAA was a highlight. I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with planes now. Sister Straight and I had fun coming up with plane analogies and quotes all week.

No investigators came to church this week :( But we did have three less actives comes--which is super awesome!! These past two weeks, because of EAA, the chapel has been filled! I have loved getting to meet all the visitors from around the country. We even had some members from Ukraine there yesterday! I love how much unity members of the church have. It's a blessing to be apart of this great gospel! It is frustrating though that no one came to church. We've been really blessed with someone at church almost every week. I'm just kind of stumped with ideas of how to get people to church. Basically I'm just stumped with how to get Oshkosh a baptism! I want a baptism so bad here. I know that it can happen, we just need to get some solid investigators!! 

I'm really excited about this next transfer. Well, excited as in I'm really nervous and slightly scared. But I have complete confidence in the Lord. He'll help me become who I need to become. Fun news: I'm training!! Is that fun news? I'm going to miss my cute Sister Straight, but she'll still be in the zone. I still feel completely inadequate to train a new missionary. Especially since I still feel like I don't have much of a clue what's going on. I'll also being training TWO new missionaries for a week this month as a girl from Oshkosh ward will be doing a mini mission with us. Pray for me. I'm feeling all sorts of emotions, but I know that the Lord will help me. It's going to be an adventure for sure and I know I'll learn a ton. 

Hope you all have a great week. Keep sharing the gospel and being an example to all!! 

Xo, Sister Quist

*So you know you're a missionary when you pray in your sleep! I've done that a few times now. Hey! Never too many prayers.

We passed out their newspaper every morning. Do I look like I should be in Newsies? 
I sure felt like it! SO MANY PLANES! It was so fun. 
 planes all day everyday‏

Last district meeting all together.  I do love our district! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 13 - THREE Months as a Missionary!

This week was really great. First of all it was HOT. Stepping outside into the heat and humidity is comparable to jumping in a hot swimming pool. The air just sticks to your skin and I just love it so much. I can't believe that I hit three months this week. It's gone by so fast. What even happened this week? I don't even remember haha :) But we did have quite the exciting Sunday yesterday. I don't know how much I've said about our investigator, Quincy, but we've been meeting with him for like 7ish weeks. He reads the Book of Mormon every day and says that he knows it's true. GREAT! That's the best, cause, you know, it is true! But he will not commit to ANYTHING. And it's really frustrating. He has MS and is home all day. He reads the BoM mostly because he doesn't do anything else. But nevertheless, he reads it, which I am grateful for. Every time we ask him to do something he just says that "it's too hard" or "I can't". Bleh. The only way that he is ever going to know that this is the truth is if he does things that will stretch him! Picking up the BoM on the side table isn't stretching him enough...SO. We invited him to church (again) this week and HE MADE IT. He came rolling into the church building right on time yesterday morning and stayed for the first hour. What a champ! I'm so proud of him because I know it took a lot of effort for him to get there. He was able to hear Sis. Straight's talk and was able to witness my rad conducting skills...I felt like Sis. Pflueger up there leading the music (love you Karen!!). Even though he only stayed for Sacrament mtg. I'm so happy with the (slow, but sure) progress that he's making. We also had a BAPTISM yesterday! ...just a cute eight year old girl in our ward though :) It was still so fun to be apart of the service. I love baptisms! I know that I'll be able to see the font fill up some day when someone decides to enter into this true and everlasting gospel! 

I'm learning so much every day. I'm developing a deeper relationship with my Savior and even though I know .0001% (maybe) about the Atonement, I know that it is for me and it is for you individually. Someone who spoke yesterday in church said, "I just can relate anything back to the Atonement and I'll be golden, right"? Yes. Absolutely! I've also been studying a lot about member missionary work and dang. I was an awful member missionary! But anyways, I was reading in Alma 8 about one of the greatest missionary duos there ever was (you know, besides Jesus and His apostles), Alma and Amulek. What great guys. We are really trying to push member missionary work in the ward. I know that members are a HUGE aspect of missionary work. I have a testimony of that for sure. 

All is well here in Oshkosh! We're going to the EAA flight show later today so that'll be an adventure. Love you all. Thanks for your continued support and prayers. 

Sister Quist

all of us a couple weeks ago representing our america tees!

working on our tans!  

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 12 - Miracles

Hello all!!

This week went by in a blink! So fast. We had so many things happen this week. I'll just expand on the best day ever as of yet. Sunday was FABULOUS. Holy cow. So many blessings yesterday. Our ward was so full compared to what it usually is. We had a less active part member family, the Taylor fam; a less active woman and her unbaptized daughter, Sister King and Ashley; a less active man, Brother P; the Elders had two investigators come, and Sister B (another less active) all came to church!! What miracles! It was so fun to see the ward befriend them all and reach out. Sis. Straight and I were in heaven. 

We also received the records of a new family in our ward! Yay for new families!! There is Betty V and her step-son, Tony. She also lives with her son and her daughter (who has 3 darling girls) who are all non-members. They welcomed us right in and we got to know them a little bit and set up an appointment to come back and have a lesson with them. They love the BoM, so we read a chapter with them before we left. This family is a miracle family and I know that the Lord has big plans for them!! 

After the V family, we went to see a less active man, John. We got to share a message with him and his non member girlfriend, Laurie. As we were leaving we talked to their neighbor across the street, Dan. Super cool guy. A solid potential investigator for sure. But here's the miracle part of that encounter...he told us how his wife's sister is LDS. We were like, "who"? He told us her name was Amber. Turns out she is a less active woman who is in our ward! We haven't been able to get a hold of her because she moved and we don't have her address, but he gave it to us and we are super stoked to meet her! Such a big blessing.

We have a busy week ahead! We are trying really hard to work with part-member/less active families and we have seen much success from those efforts.  I feel like I'm finally starting to see the fruits of my labors as we work more with these families. And it's so exciting to see people who have been struggling find their way back onto the path! The Lord has so much in store for Oshkosh and I know that we're about to see it blossom!!

Hope y'all have a great week. Much love.

Sister Quist

Elder Robinson's (an elder in the zone) dad is tight and sent him a whole bunch of kettle corn from Water Gardens theater. I enjoyed having that little piece of home! Yum.

Unplanned service rocks my world. I was just pretty pleased to have this (although not much) to show for it! Lol.

Jumping pics at exchange point! Fun times in Wausau with Sis. King. It was weird not being in my area, but it was a really great experience. 

the little area above my desk. of course :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 11 - Happy Belated Fourth!

What a fun 4th! Looks like a ton of people were there. That's awesome. I didn't realize how much i actually love 4th of July. We had a pretty fun day though as well. We went to the ward picnic on Lake Winneconne. So beautiful. It was hot, hot, hot! And just super muggy. It had a really great turn out though. We enjoyed playing ladderball and catch with the members and just visiting with them. Bro. Whiting's wife (non-member), came out, which was very exciting!! She's seriously one of the prettiest women I've ever met. We then went and tried to see some people, but no one was home :( We did get to see Sis. Moffitt, which is always a good time. Love that lady. That afternoon was a blast. We got together with a couple sets of missionaries and some members and had a BBQ/ s'mores/ volleyball. It was awesome. Felt like I was just hanging out with friends. Which was nice. Ended the evening by enjoying some fireworks on our drive home:)

happy fourth! basically the loves of my life.

winnebago ysa sisters sister lamprecht (super fresh. just out of the mtc this transfer), 
sister gifford, yours truly, and sister straight

Oh. And this past week we were on foot for 3 days. Haha. That was an adventure. You know how Sis. Straight hit a rock like a month ago? Yeah, so it finally went into the shop to get fixed and in the meantime we were left to walking. Dang. Talk about unproductive. I just felt like we got nothing done cause it took so long getting from place to place! It was okay though. Now I'm super skinny and tan. Just kidding. But it was nice to get some good exercise! Not envious of walking missionaries though #blessed

Other than that our week was pretty good! We've been working really hard to get new people to teach and it's honestly exhausting, but it's so worth it. We're not really sure what's up with Fonda. The whole situation is kind of sketchy. We were able to get another appointment in a member's home with her, we texted her the morning of and she said she had to cancel b/c she had to take her daughter to emergency room. Yikes. Of course we understood. But then on our way home that afternoon we were walking kind of by where her house is and we saw her all dressed up walking down the street with some guy...who is not the boyfriend we thought she had. Then we stopped by a couple days later and she came to the door in tears and told us her grandmother was passing that day, but told us to come back later that evening. We went, but she wasn't there. We've since texted her a couple times and no reply. So we're not totally sure what's up there...

We did go back and see Quincy. Oh Quincy. First of all it was awesome because we found out he's been reading every day since we last saw him. Yay! But he still refuses to make it to church. He just kept saying how hard it was to get going in the morning and how he never used to be a complainer, but now that he has MS everything is "just hard". I might have exploded if he said how hard his life was one more time during that lesson. I was getting so upset, but trying to be compassionate at the same time.  We have a member of our ward who has MS and has cancer and is going through chemo and she comes to church every single week. Life is hard, Quincy.  I mean, I get it, I can't imagine what he's going through. But this world is full of people who have hard things going on and he's letting his MS define who he is, when he should be looking at this trial as an opportunity to refine himself. But who am I to talk. (also, shout out to Amanda Garlock for teaching me about refining vs. defining ourselves-- I use that ALL the time). We have this really ugly piece of cardboard on our apartment wall, but I love what's written on it. It says, "It's good to know how to do hard things". I love that. Hard things test our faith and devotion to our Savior and Heavenly Father. Makes us better. 

We're just working our tails off here and praying and fasting to see the fruits of our labors. Hope that y'all have the best week! Much love.

Sister Quist

Had to get a pic with this (go knights!)
Oh yeah. Sis. Straight was done being the driver so now I'm driving around. This is me filling out the miles report.