Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 70 - land of the packers, home of the dairy

I'm coming at you live from Green Bay, Wisconsin. What a great week it's been! Monday and Tuesday were crazy busy full of goodbyes and appointments. It was crazy, but so fun/sad because I had to say bye to some of my faves). We had FHE and did a "Sacred Grove" activity at a park. It was a neat concept, but the mosquitoes didn't help with the execution. But we all went to get chessecurds after because they're the best.  

Tuesday we met with Monique, Will, Nyreesha, Maria, Cherie, Nicole, and had BoM class. Such a solid day. Then I finished packing and Wednesday we headed to transfer point in Oshkosh. I took the fun bus up to GB and then Sister Carlini and I were off! She and I came out together, so we have known each other since the beginning! It's been fun! :) And holy smokes I LOVE GREEN BAY. Wednesday evening we set a baptism date with S and her daughter, R! Ahh, they are so cute. S grew up a member, but was excommunicated a while ago. She has since found the church though and wants to be re-baptized! Her daughter is 12 and is so darling. We're so excited for them to be baptized together on September 10th! They've come to church for the past monthish or so, so we're pretty stoked!! :) 

Thursday was jam packed! We saw the Moore family and read scriptures with them. They are doing so good and are working towards the temple! We went to contact a referral and met a cool guy, CJ, from Jamaica! He's very humble and ready to start rebuilding his relationship with God! We drove out to Denmark (no, we didn't go to Europe) to see some recent converts, Mariah and Daylin. Mariah is such a sweetheart and Daylin is such a punk kid haha, but we were able to get them all involved...which was a win! We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and Mariah just had the sweetest answers. She is so tender. There is just so much power in a child's testimony. No wonder Christ asks us to become as a little child! We had dinner at the Cooks who are wonderful and crazy! Haha, Sister Cook is from Texas and is the sassiest human. We love her and her fam so much! We also saw our investigator, Luke, who is possibly moving this weekend, so that stinks. But our lesson was good. Although it began by talking about outer darkness, we brought it around haha. He's a very sincere guy. And he's a YSA! So that's pretty cool. He and his friend, Cory, came to sports night on Saturday so that was great for them to meet more members. 

Friday had a lesson with a recent convert, Lori. She's my fave!! Talk about prepared. She is preparing to go to the temple soon and so we're helping her with that. She was so cute on Sunday. She had this necklace on and it was like a chain with a little silver bar. I told her I liked it and she was like, "It's my straight and narrow necklace"! Haha, YES! She's the only member of her family, but she said that her daughter would be okay with us talking to her soon! Her husband is coming around...he gave us some fresh veggies during the lesson and Sister C said that was a big step. So we'll take it! Veggies now, baptism later! ;) We went back out to Denmark to see Dawn and Brian and their family. They are a part member family who are sooo cool! They said that this year is their "rebuild year" and this gospel fits in with that perfectly. They have an 11 year old and a 7 year old. Both boys. They all came to a family history activity the week before I came then stayed for the adult session of stake conf! We're pretty excited to see them progress. I know this gospel unites families and strengthens them! We also went to the Pyper's for dinner and I love that family so much! They entertained us with riddles and mission stories and great food. It was lovely!

Saturday began RAINY and early! We headed to the church for a ward activity. The BACON RUN. Basically a little one mile fun run and after we ate bacon and fruit! It was a blast! We all got soaked, but it was worth it. Plus, it was so fun to get to know more members! :) We saw a recent convert in the he let us borrow his Badgers and Packers ponchos! Haha, we looked ridiculous, but hey, we were dry! 

Stopped by really quick to meet our investigator, Cayla. Basically she knows this church is true...she's just having a tough time giving up Satan's drink of choice... coffee. Apparently she was doing really well until a couple weeks ago and she's kind of backed off :( We're not super sure why but we are seeing her tomorrow so hopefully we (+ the Spirit, obviously) will be able to help her overcome any reservations she has. We also had SPORTS NIGHT. And Luke and Cory came. Plus I got to see Karlene and Malia from the YSA!! :) Totally made my day! We played some really fun games and it was so good for Luke and Cory to meet some members and get to know them!

Yesterday was a great Sabbath day!! We had church and S and R came!! :) And then we went to the Vanderheyden's for dinner and it was the best dinner ever. Bro. V made these like all natural cookies with blueberries in them and they were actually the most delicious thing of my life. 

Okay well now I'm done writing this novel. Man, just so many good things happening here!! I love Green Bay! I love my Savior! I love my family and my companion and just being a missionary is the bomb. Hope you all have a super rad week! CTR. LOVE YOU!

Sister Quist

Saying goodbye to this cute girl! Monique is a gem and is such a wonderful example to me of Christlike service and love! I <3 her!
 Aviana came to a lesson with us and we took a pic!
 home of the dairy
 land of the Packers