Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 72 - Packer Pride and Sushi

As I look out the library window it's completely sunny and down-pouring. Happy September, Wisconsin! There have been so many cool things that have happened this week! And let me just say that God is SO good. I just know without a doubt in my mind that this gospel is true. It's incredible how Heavenly Father leads you to certain people. This past week we had a very powerful experience with prayer. All of our appointments on Saturday cancelled, so we had a lot of time to go contact less actives, find new investigators, and preach the word. We decided to go this less active/part member family's home. We had never met her and so we navigated our way through the crazy football game traffic and made it to her apartment complex. We had her complex address, but the problem was we didn't have her actual apartment number. Great. So we both decided that the only thing we could do was to pray. So we each said a prayer and walked past each door in the complex. When we got through all of them, we both felt that the last door we got to was the one we needed to try. We knocked, and a woman answered the door saying, "hey guys...". YEAH. It was Katrina! We were so amazed and even more so that after a few minutes of chatting on her doorstep she let us in and we had a super great discussion. She started out very hard-hearted, but as the conversation continued you could physically see her countenance softening. The spirit works wonders, my friends. 

Yesterday we had a return appointment with this young mother, Jessica. Our first encounter with her was super cool and so we were excited to go back. Except both of us were dumb and forgot to write her address down. Cool. I'm still getting used to GB and where everything is and Sister C just doesn't have a good memory haha so we were a little concerned about how we were going to get to the lesson! With only knowing what semi-direction her house was in we said some prayers and headed that way hoping and praying we'd be able to find it. And I'll tell you, those prayers must have gone straight to heaven cause next thing you know we're pulling up to her house. The lesson was great. It was a little odd, but the spirit was definitely there, testifying of the truthfulness of this message! She even accepted a baptism invite! She has so many experiences that align right with the teachings of the restored gospel, it's kind of hard to believe, but I know that God is preparing all sorts of people to help build up His kingdom here on earth. Who am I to say who is prepared and who is not?
There are soooo many things that I am grateful that I've learned on my mission. Especially recently, I'm grateful that I am learning how to receive and act on the promptings of the spirit. Even if nothing miraculous happens, I have never regretted doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do...no matter how illogical it seems. I know that I can't see the big picture all of the time, but He can. I pray that I can always be like Alma in Alma 8:18 and "speedily" act on the revelation I receive. As we trust and heed the revelation He gives to us we will have the surety that it will all work out!! :)

In other news:
- We made sushi with Sara and somehow we got talking about chocolate and she said, "If you tell me you don't like chocolate either you're lying or you're a psychopath". AMEN.
- Had a bomb lesson with the cutest couple, M & M. They're darling and so faithful!
- The youth here are AMAZING and I love them so much.
- MLC was the greatest. So optimistic and uplifting!
- The Cooks fed us last night AND sent us home with lots of groceries! #blessed
- Rilee is doing SO good and we're so excited for her to be baptized this SATURDAY! Please pray that her dad's heart will be softened! She is so excited to go to the temple and lovvvvvess reading the Book of Mormon! It's the best!

I love you all mucho, mucho! Keep doing your thing and being good humans! CTR and pray... cause it works!
Sister Quist

football season has begun! time to get my packer pride on 🏈
shout out to Jess for surprising me once again at church today!! so fun to spend the sabbath with this cute girl!

making sushi with sara! a cute single return missionary girl in our ward! :)

at Jena's (a recent convert) b-day bash