Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 3 - "I'm not in Utah anymore"‏

I'm here!! Wisconsin is so BEAUTIFUL! So green. I totally forgot my notebook and my brain is in a million places, so sorry if this is scattered and short, but I promise to catch up...eventually. 

First of all, it was SO fantastic to see your beautiful faces yesterday. Dad, you didn't make it easy when you said oh so casually "Welp, see you in December"! That wasn't very nice. It's okay. Your nice emails made up for it today! 

My companion is Sister Straight. She is from Oregon. She's cool. And we get along all right. This is only day five, so I know that we'll get closer as time goes on. She's only been out here for three months and just got done with her own training. Kind of crazy. Here in Oshkosh there is only one set of Elders and one set of Sisters. This is also a tracting mission which means that we spend a TON of time knocking on doors. I'm having a hard time speaking, but it is only day five so I hope and pray that it will get a little easier. I just freeze up and get super flustered! 

On Wednesday we got right to work. I didn't even unpack before we headed out the door to go tracting. I don't remember a ton about was kind of a blur. 

Just some happy news: We met with an investigator, Julia. She has three crazy kids and the lesson was pretty hectic with them there. But I was able to extend a baptismal invitation. She said she'd definitely have to think about it, but that she'd for sure come to church. And she DID! Church here is different. Not like church in Utah. The gospel is the same everywhere, which I love and expected. But nothing is very organized here in the Oshkosh ward. We also had cinnamon rolls and o.j. in Relief Society. Cool!

At the end of Friday I just came back to the apartment and thought "Wow. I have the BEST job ever"! I definitely was feeling super blessed. Ironically, the next day was not so good. And that's just the beginning of this whole experience! 

I miss you all so much, and I am trying to think of you less (rude, I know!). But I know as I put everything on the altar of sacrifice that the Lord will be able to mold me into who He needs me to become. 

Xo, Sister Quist

a lovely street in Oshkosh

*Oh how we LOVED seeing and talking with our girl on Mother's Day and so thankful for the technology that allowed us that tender mercy!  We had a wonderful 40 minutes of Maren time! (and not a minute past, but grateful for her strict obedience!)  She said her days are full beginning with exercise at the local high school track, then home to get ready.  Followed by companionship study, personal study and training study.  They are usually out the door by 11 am except on planning days which takes about 3 hours.  She is happy and doing her best to adjust to missionary life!

  our blurry, but still darling girl
a look at her missionary planner… PACKED!
and this is when we informed her of a beloved, fictitious character on a favorite show was killed… I know, not important at all, but now she can move on and really get focused!  But her reaction was priceless.