Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 10 - Hair Dying and Country Music Festivals

Happy Monday!

So yes, please send some more shakes. Did you get the tiny memo on the postcard? I called them and they said they would put credit on your card to send me more...so confusing. Sister S was like, "Just call your mom!...oh wait". Haha, not that simple :) No. We don't have any plans for the 4th yet. In fact, dinner appointments are just so slim here in Oshkosh. Yesterday I actually asked someone if they would feed us. No shame in my game. People are willing to if you ask them, but they never sign up or offer. So that's why I feel like I am spending so much money!! We just are so tired at the end of the day and who wants to cook after a long, hot day of tracting/being a missionary? No one. Hopefully something will come up and we'll have plans for the 4th. We might just go over to the Irazarry's. My fave people. We'll see though. 

Well. Donna doesn't want to meet with us anymore, so that's sad. But our investigator Fonda does have a date July 25! So that's really exciting! But she has a real problem with the word of wisdom/law of chastity. She's super cool though. She actually came to church yesterday so that was a huge miracle (even if she was slightly drugged...)! We found her tracting and she automatically told us that she didn't have a belief in God. But it's been so incredible to see her countenance change and see her belief in God grow. She texted us last night saying how church made her whole day lighter and brighter and thanked us for re-introducing God into her life. How cool?! Makes the tough days so worth it. 

So here's the deal with Fonda. She's cool. She's prepared and ready for this in her life. But she doesn't quite have it all together. She says she's a recovering addict….not sure from what. She came to church yesterday she kept falling asleep! But then we'll stop by her house randomly and she's totally fine and happy. But, drugged or not, she came to church and she felt the spirit there. Getting people to come to church is a struggle, so when someone actually does show it's like winning the lottery...not that I have experience with that. It's such a good feeling though! I'm really hopeful for her. As long as she keeps putting in the effort and doing her part, God will help her overcome anything in the way of her happiness. 

I'll be honest, this is TOUGH (I feel like I say that a lot, but I'm just being honest here...). We are working so hard and don't have a lot to show for it. I'm frustrated with myself most of all. We are our biggest critics, right? We had interviews with President Cutler this past Tuesday and how grateful I am for him and the power of the priesthood. This interview came just at the right time. Like I said, I've been feeling just super overwhelmed with a lot of different emotions and talking with President was so nice. I asked for a blessing and I can truly testify that President Cutler is called of God. I felt like it was more of a patriarchal blessing. It was really neat and both of us had tears in our eyes. That was a huge boost of strength! But President did tell me that there is a good chance that right after I'm done with my training that I might be training a new missionary. WHAT THE HECK? I have absolutely zero clue as to what I'm doing...how could I possibly TRAIN another human being on how to be a missionary? Yikes. We'll see what the Lord has in store I guess. So the possibility of that has contributed to my stress lately. 

On Wednesday we went over to the Irazarry's and we dyed Sister Irazarry's hair. Hahaha, probably one of the funnier experiences I've had here. She tried so hard to give us money for it to go get ice cream, but we can't accept money from people! She basically forced us to take $10 from her, but when we left we put it on the seat of their car. On Sunday she pulls me really close and says (in her 82 year old Spanish accent), "I know what you girls did". I was so confused, then I remembered. Haha, she goes, "Is okay. Next time you girls come for my lesson, we take you out to ice cream". Then she kissed my hand. Oh Sister Irazarry. 

Just a little who-knew moment. One of the country's biggest country music festivals is here in Oshkosh! We're talking HUGE. Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Eric Church, Swon Brothers, Thompson Square, and Miranda Lambert. I don't even like country that much, but this Country U.S.A. was getting to me! Sis. S and I were really tempted to go. But we didn't succumb to Satan's obvious trap. But the struggle was so real. We are going to be volunteering at EAA (the big airplane museum/ airport) in July for their big event. Also another thing that famous people are going to be at. Like Indiana Jones is giong to be there. And with our service they are giving us free passes to the event - so cool. That comes along with free access to a Dirks Bentley concert... so tempting. You know how much I love concerts! I don't care who it is. ...I sound so worldly. And then there is Pollock Pool which we won't even go into. Water slides and everything…cool.

We were giving service at Evergreen (this old folks community) this week and walked past a t.v. right in time to see "Breaking News". Of course this was about the Supreme Court ruling this past week. How sad. Both Sister Straight and I looked at each other with the widest eyes and jaws dropped to the floor. Anyways. That happened.

I'm reading Doctrine and Covenants now. I read these this morning,  "Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward.Therefore, fear not, little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail."

Love these verses. It reminds me that as long as we're doing the right thing then good things are going to come. Doesn't say when, but they will. We have to have faith that they will!

Hope ya'll have a real great week!

Sister Quist