Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 9 - What is this mystery booth?


Boy this week was long. Probably one of the longest ones yet. I honestly have no idea what even happened this week. Sister Straight just turned to me to ask what happened and I just shrugged my shoulders. All the days run together! Some things I do remember is that Donna once again texted us saying that she didn't want to meet because she didn't feel comfortable changing her beliefs. Such sad news! A really big bummer. But I have a lot of faith that she will come to know that these things are true. She's a kingdom builder, she really is. 

Last Monday we had some fun. There is this lighthouse that we always see and we really want to visit it. So obviously we went on a search. Unfortunately we had no direction whatsoever to where it was. We just had to rely on our senses. Yeah, that got us nowhere. We did find a spot that was very pretty though, hence the lake pic. I just love the lakes so much. 

We also went to Ripon on Monday. That was quite the trip. We went to dinner at the Murphy's, who are awesome. Love them lots. Then we went to visit a couple less-active familes. The L and G families (who are part-member too). The G's are way cool. They're both 23, so I kind of just see them as people my age. They have two kids. It was a nice visit with them. Then we went and saw the Larson's. The Larson's are a family who went inactive pretty recently. It's really sad to hear why some people leave the gospel and how they think they're happier without it. Something that Sister Larson said was, "I'm going to a new church now, and they don't really require anything from me". Of course they don't! Did Heavenly Father ever tell us that this gospel was convenient? No. I love the quote, "I never said it would be easy, but I said it would be worth it". We are promised blessings upon blessings for doing the things that God has asked us to do and really, in comparison for all the grace, love, mercy, and blessings that He has given to us, whatever He has required of us is nothing. 

Regarding the subject for this email: We orchestrated a farmer's market booth on Saturday. We just had to make a sign and everything for the booth and at one point we were like, "Maybe just no sign"? Then I was like, "Yeah! Then people walking by will be like "What is this mystery booth?!" and come check it out"! The booth was in a really bad location and it was a bit of a struggle but it was fun. There were some sketchy old men playing bean bag toss behind us and we had a good time with them :)

We also have been meeting with a girl named Fonda. But I'll have to tell you about her next week! We did set a baptismal date for July 25 with her and she accepted! Yay! And literally a minute ago we got another HQ referral! The Lord is hastening His work, people.

Hope you have the best week. Please feel free at any time to send me a letter or package :) The boost from those babies during the week is greatly appreciated! 

Much love!

Sister Quist

to Natalie:  Hope you have the BEST day ever! Happy 13th! You teenager, you!

tracting selfie - game strong

sunsets are aight here

all natural. feels good not to wear make-up sometimes. 

love the paredes family (+neighboors)

a family from our stake happened upon our girl's ward and sent this pic to us.  
made for a perfect father's day!