Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 23 - Good things happenin' in Stalis

This week was wonderful and we were able to go to the General Women's Conference with Brittany and Kelly! It was really great. They were feeling the Spirit strong! We had a great lesson with Orlando, Kelly, and Brittany last night and Bishop and his daughter were able to come. Getting members involved is KEY! We talked about the Word of Wisdom. Which went well. Thankfully none of them have ever had a problem with that! They are SO ready and so prepared. I love them!! Brittany is on track and we are still working with Kelly. She is ready, she just doesn't know it yet. How do we get her to recognize that baptism into this church is the only way to eternal happiness?! Having a hard time knowing where to go with her. Hopefully her daughter's baptism will be a positive influence for her. They will be going to the temple to take a tour of the grounds soon, which will be AWESOME for them. They are all very excited.

The temple was wonderful this week!! We went with the Lenhards (a senior couple here), what a wonderful day! Hope you enjoyed the picture :) I always feel such peace and joy in the temple! It was much needed.

So tender mercy time! We went to dinner at the Mead's last night and basically it was the best! Kneaders french toast and orange juice! My fave!! To top it all off both Brother and Sister Mead are from Highland/ Alpine and went to Lone Peak!! They graduated in like 2005 ( I think), but still!! Crazy small world. They have the cutest girls. Erin (3) and RORY (1). And yes, she did name her Rory after Gilmore Girls. I found my twin haha! And it's nice cause Sis. Mead is Brittany's beehive teacher in YW's.

My focus...lots better. Can you tell? The Lord has been way too good to me. He has blessed me in so many ways and I just feel like I can't not be happy, you know?  But all is well here.

Hope y'all have a great week! XO

Sister Q

 a fabulous trip to the Chicago Temple this week!
 he's going to wait for me!

 visiting with Sister O
the eclipse from our neck of the woods