Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 31 - First Snow and a Fantastic Mission Tour

Let’s see, this week was just - great!  So many things happened. Here are just some highlights!

*Family Home Evening with the Munoz Family. That was fun. We talked about tithing! Jayson was so cute and brought out his “tithing cup” that he got from his primary class. I’m so glad they have been coming to church. They learn so much there!
*FHE round 2 with the Abshire’s. They made us dinner then we did a quick object lesson. Peter (6) is a sensitive little soul. But we taught all about strengthening the family…(thanks for the lesson, Mom).

*Kelly and Orlando had a gender reveal party. There was so much excitement anticipation! They had ballon the color of the gender (boy - blue / girl - pink) in a box and the kids got to open it and PINK balloons came flying out! So fun!
*We also had a lesson with Jessica and the Muskego Sisters at a froyo place. Fun fact: Jessica has been in Utah/Idaho this past weekend! Visiting some of her friends at BYU and BYU-Idaho. She’s getting to see my homeland(s)!!! A little jealous, not gonna lie. :)

*Sister Straight came for a sleepover!! That was fun and we just were back to our old selves - chattin’ it up together! But alas, no pics. :(
*Other than that, Wednesday was kind of a bust… all of our appointments fell through so that was rough.  But we did have a fun lunch together with the Muskego and Spanish Sisters at our apartment. A good reason to clean our apartment! :)

*Magical!! We had mission tour. Highlights include being the only sisters who go a one-on-one interview with Elder Schwitzer!! So cool.
*Seeing Sister Lambrecht.
*Sister Cutler’s cookies. Yum!
*THE WHOLE CONFERENCE! (I’ll share more on that another time!)

*Geneology booth!
*Munoz Family
*package from Mama :)

*Lunch at Chipotle courtesy of Brother Greenfield
*Surprise lunch at the Capps!
*FHE with the Smiths
*Another solid lesson with the Munoz Family. The spirit is so strong in their home. So, so excited for next Sunday!!

Many AMAZING things are happening!!

Keep it real and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! 


Sister Quist
Last p-day was super chill. Probably one of the funnest p-days I've had in a long while. Our district went to the park. We played volleyball and played on the playground. These people make me laugh so hard! Elder Andreasson, Elder Burgon, Elder Schoenfeld, Elder Mullen, Sister Peterson, Sister Wise, Sister Osburn, and yours truly 
Classic. Tried to be artsy, but it didn't quite turn out.
I love this girl!! Sister Peterson <3
 It's a girl!!
Just a bunch of Sisters at mission tour. From the MKE North, MKE South, and Madision zones! 
Oh hey ELDER WHIMPY!! Such a fun surprise at mission tour!!
Went the whole day without getting any pictures of the snow, then we were headed in that night and I was like, "WAIT! I HAVE to get a picture with the first snow"! So I forced Sister Osburn to come take pictures of me in the freezing cold. She's a champ.
Reunited with one of my fave at mission tour!! Love Sister Lamprecht.
Selfie with the Appleton crew! My old Zone Leader, Elder Mann, me, and Sister Lamprecht
The "Ladies who Lunch"
Every once in a while us, the Muskego Sisters, and the Spanish Sisters get together for some lunch. Super fun!! Obviously we had to get a pyramid pic :) Took like five billion tries, but we got it!