Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 32 - Happy Thanksgiving, Officer!

Hi family!!

Let's just start out by saying how blessed I feel to be serving a mission. Thanksgiving had me all sorts of grateful and really helped me step back and recognize how incredibly blessed I am. We had a lovely holiday complete with 3 (!!!) dinners. Needless to say we were absolutely stuffed!! The last house we went to was the Jepson's (an office couple). The Muskego sisters and West Allis elders joined us. Afterwards we all went to this kind of dumpy gas station and sang a song to the chashier guy. He was from Pakistan and said how he was really missing his family on the holiday and how we made his day brighter!! Just the simple acts of kindness really can make a huge difference. I felt super silly singing "Happy Thanksgiving to you"! (like happy birthday), but it didn't even matter when he told us how much it meant to him. So go out and serve somebody! :)

Thanksgiving night was when the real fun happened though. Boy, oh, boy. So back story: Our apartment smells like weed. No joke. There is no question that somebody is smoking marijuana nearby us. So our manager said if we want to do something about it then we just have to call the cops. Greattt. So Thanksgiving night I go to open the porch doors and BAM. The smell of weed hits me hard. So I'm like, okay Sister Osburn we have to call the police. (more back story: it was raining hard all day and earlier that day Sis O accidentally drops the phone in the gutter which is full of So we call the number and it's ringing and our phone decides to stop working and shuts off completely. So we turn it on again and thankfully it works this time. So we give them our info and they tell us they will send someone over. But we are missionaries and we go to bed at 1030. So 1030 rolls around and we go to bed. Then an hour later we wake up to the phone ringing and it's the officer! We missed the call because we were, ummm, sleeping! She didn't have a way to get in the building so she told us to call back with more info. So we call back and give them more info and by this time it's 1215AM and we're basically dead at this point. But soon after we get a knock at our door and it's two officers from the Milwaukee Police Department. And after all of this they couldn't find the source of the marijuana. Surely a Thanksgiving to remember. 

In other news, KELLY AND BRENT GOT BAPTIZED! Last night was one for the books. There aren't even words to describe the feeling that I felt watching them enter into the waters of baptism. I'm so proud of them. Both of them have just grown so much and I'm so thankful for the light that they shine!! My hearts just bursts with JOY because of them. I'm so happy that I am staying here to see them progress even more. Speaking of staying here...

TRANSFERS! We just found out today about transfers and looks like I'm training...AGAIN!! I am looking forward to this new adventure, yet slightly more nervous than last time. I've been sharing Philippians 4:13 with people this week and I think that is the scripture that I am needing the most! 
"can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me".
Always remember that!! Anything is possible because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
Have a wonderful week, y'all!! Love you!
Sister Quist

A pre-Thanksgiving text from a member -- wonderful people taking care of our girl!