Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 37 - the one when we got stuck in the snow five times in one day

Yo! let me begin with this (insert picture where I'm scraping ice off the car). 

Yep! "They" said two inches. Try NINE inches of snow. Luckily it was last p-day so we didn't have to be anywhere super important. But getting to our dinner appointment was fun. Let's just say I'm really good at getting stuck in the snow. Sister Garner is a champ to get out and push the car! Her arms are gonna be so toned by the end of winter. Lol. 

In other Monday news-we had a really great lesson with the Abshire's. Ashley shared her conversion story. I loved the spirit that was there as she bore her testimony to us and her husband and son. 

Tuesday we were suppose to have a lesson with Dylan and Carly, but Barbara decided the weather was too yucky for them to walk over to the house. So we shoveled her walk instead and had a nice discussion with her. We were also suppose to have a visit with this less active couple, the F's, but he called last minute to cancel :( It was a really big bummer because we haven't seen them in forever and this is the second time they've cancelled. But on the positive side it was really good to talk to Bro. F on the phone. He said we should call in a couple of weeks to set something else up. Also, on Tuesday we lost the phone...RIP phone. We think it was dropped in the snow. Maybe we'll find it in the spring! 

Wednesday we had a super bomb lesson with Kelly, Brent, and Brittany. I don't really fancy teaching the Law of Chastity, but it was a great lesson and both Sister Garner and I felt the spirit there. We shared this video-- which is really awesome when teaching teenagers. Later that day we met a woman named Samantha. She lives in our apartment complex and we were all walking out at the same time and just got talking. She expressed a lot of feelings and especially how she wants to find a kid-friendly church for her children. I've never felt the Spirit witness to me so strongly of the genius and sacredness of the Primary program. As we talked more she became more open and you could really see the Spirit softening her heart. She told us we could stop by anytime and said how she's very anxious to begin this new year with a fresh view of God. 

New Year's Eve we went on exchanges! So I went to Kenosha with Sister Soifua. Seriously such a fun New Years Eve!! We went to this recent convert's home and oh my goodness, was seriously like a house in Better Homes & Garden's magazine. SO BEAUTIFUL. I was dying. Sister Worth is from South Africa and just moved here three months ago to be with her husband. She has a whole storage room full of ancient African artifacts and pieces of art. Seriously I was looking at all the stuff I learned about in my art history class. 

But anyways...we had a nice dinner there with the Elders and some of the members of the Kenosha ward. Sister Worth is so funny. While we were all sitting around the dinner table she says, "I love all these godly people sitting here! There must be a beam of light shining into heaven right now" (said in her thick South African accent)!! Kenosha was great! I always love going there. 

We were sharing 3 Nephi 13:33 with people and talking about the blessing that come when we seek first the Kingdom of God. It's way to easy to get priorities mixed up and put worldly things above God. We were challenging others to write down some spiritual goals that will help them to draw nearer to our Savior. It's been amazing to see how when I have set those spiritual goals I can feel the help of my Heavenly Father because I know He wants me, and all of us, to grow and progress spiritually. 

On Saturday we attended the wedding of N & E, two of the Elders' investigators who are getting baptized next Sunday! Now that's putting faith into action! We also helped Brittany paint her room, which was fun. Love that girl!! Felt good to serve... and to paint again ;) That night we stopped by the B family. Brother B is actually sitting in on the lessons and talking to us now!! 

Sunday was church. We moved up to 1 o'clock, which is actually pretty nice. Jessica came to Sacrament meeting and man alive, I just love that lady! She is doing really well. She just needs to stretch herself more. Also, happy birthday shout out to Brent!! 

He turned 12 and got the Aaronic Priesthood!! Brent has such a special spirit. He is so tender and so receptive to the Holy Ghost. I know that as he stays close to the gospel and to God that he will be a powerful force for good in this world!! 

Well. God is good and life as a missionary is wonderful! :) Lots of love from Wisconsin!

Sister Quist

exchanges with sis soifua and sis escobar! freezing our faces off!

when we got lodged in the snow bank at 9pm... 
we had to wait until someone stopped to push us out...