Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 44 - "and then I blinked"

This week has been such a blessing, ya'll! So many miracles and such little time to write about all of them. But I'll just start out by saying how I'm getting transferred :( Goodbye, West Allis. I'm headed back to where it all began. Seriously. Going back to my same district/area(ish). But this time I'll be serving in the Young Single Adult ward! Winnebago YSA! I'm super excited to be back in my old stomping grounds and to be working with the YSA in the area. I'm a little nervous, but I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father will bless me with the capability to do what is needed. I think that's probably one of the biggest things that I have learned so far on my mission. That Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us unconditionally and that He will always be there to lift us up. I've had so many moments this week when I have felt that love. Going into this week I kind of had a feeling that it would be my last one in West Allis. So it's obviously been full of many emotions. There is so much work to do here in West Allis, and even though I'm super sad to be leaving, I've had such a peaceful feeling with me all week. I can't deny that is the love of my Savior. I'm grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost to comfort and guide me. I feel like I've finally learned how to feel the Spirit at all times. And let me tell you, it's pretty incredible. There aren't really any words to accurately describe the Holy Ghost. But it's pretty great.

When I was pondering what to title my last email in West Allis (such important things, you know), all that came to my mind was the quote from Father of the Bride, "and then I blinked". I feel so blessed to have served here. There are people here that will forever be a part of my heart. The past four transfers have not been easy to say the least, but I have learned so much. From the members, from companions, from investigators/less actives. SO MUCH LEARNING. Sorry if this isn't the most eloquent email. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Of course, though, I have learned the most from my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and loves all of us. I know that he Atoned for our sins and died so that we can live with Him again. I know that we can turn to Him whenever, wherever and He will be there. I love Him and am forever thankful to Him for all He has done for me. 

I love West Allis! Peace out, guys. 

I'm kinda super sad to leave this area and super sad to leave my companion. She's basically the bomb and I'm so confident in her. I'm so lucky that I was able to train her. She is one of those people I was talking about when I said they became a part of my heart. West Allis is about to BURST with baptisms!! This week has been full of people coming unto Christ! But there are many people being prepared in Winnebago. 

Alrighty. That's all I can do today, folks. Keep up the great work wherever you are. Choose the right! 

Sister Quist

 selfie in my Milwaukee shirt
selfie with the crew
 the fancy Basilica! oh so beautiful!
Us and dear Jessica