Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 45 - Hello from up North{ish}

Hello my dear family & friends!! 

I made it back up North safe and sound. Wednesday I hauled all my stuff to the stake center and me and a bunch of other missionaries being transferred loaded up into the "fun bus" and drove up to the transfer point in Oshkosh. Where I met my new companion Sister Schlosser!! She's cool. She's a ginger. She's sassy. She's real. I love her! 

But let's back it up to Monday. Monday was cool. P-day, you know. We went bowling with the Zone Leaders and the Munoz and Wehrhahn family. Such a blast! And let it be known that I totally beat Elder Reina.

Tuesday was busy, busy with goodbyes and packing and appointments with investigators. Went and saw Jaclyn. She's a gem and I love her! It's been such a joy to help teach her the new member lessons and see her testimony deepen. Then we went to Red Robin as a district. That was fun, even though we were all basically broke. Then we went and said bye to the Mead's. Aww I just really admire that family. I'm so grateful for people like Katie and Merrill! 

Sister Ah Mu was an incoming missionary from my home town so we were able to take her out for a couple hours on Tuesday! That was pretty fun. Apparently God likes sending us Highland/Alpine kids to Wisconsin. Which is fine by me because I always love making that connection. 

Anyways, Tuesday night we went and got Kopps (custard) with Jessica. Oh Jess. I'm going to miss that girl SO MUCH! But it's okay cause we decided that's it's not "goodbye". I'll see her around :) Saying goodbye to the Munoz family was probably the most heartbreaking thing of my life. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it was pretty sad. They are so incredible and I already miss them so much. They are strong in the gospel though and I know they'll continue to do great things. Like I said, Wednesday was crazy busy. Said "bye" to my baby, Sister Garner :( Sad day. It's hard when companions become best friends and you live with them 24/7 and then the next day you're just not with them anymore. But West Allis is in good hands! 

That night I was able to meet Mari and Ismael. Our investigators who are gonna be BAPTIZED in March!! They're doing so so good! Ismael is reading the Book of Mormon all on his own (he's 12) and coming to church and is super stoked to be baptized. Mari is getting there. She was out of town yesterday so she wasn't able to attend, but she'll be there this Sunday. 

Thursday we met with a YSA recent convert, Cherie (like "cherry" the fruit). LOL. Cherie is hilarious and a gem. 

Friday was weekly planning. Blah blah blah. Great times, weekly planning is long, but makes the week run 10 times smoother! Cassandra took us out to Olive Garden (yeahhhh) and then we had sports night. See, the fun thing about the YSA branch is that there are things going on every single night! Man, it was good to be with the members! I was even able to see some old friends from the Oshkosh ward! Fun times. 

Saturday was a blast!! We went to the UW Oshkosh campus and just contacted basically all day. I wish I had more time to write about that, but the gist of it is that we met some wayyy cool people and also some way awkward people! 

Alrighty. See you later. Letters are gladly accepted! :) 

Chose the right. Follow the Prophet. Keep your chins up. 

Sister Quist

a good book, a really good book. :)