Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 46 - a good week with the YSA's

Holy cow, it's March! So there's that. This week has been quite the interesting one. I feel like I say this every week, but so much has happened! We have this investigator, George. Oh George. He has the coolest afro...which I'm slightly jealous of. He has been coming to church regularly for the past six years. Yes, SIX YEARS. And he pays his tithing and everything! But for some reason or another he will not be baptized. He's been really tough to get appointments with in the past, but we were able to meet with him this past week and it went really well. We brought Carolyn, a recent convert, and her testimony just added so much spirit to the lesson. 

Me and Carolyn!

The meeting was long... he basically just unloaded his whole life on us. But it was good, cause now we can discern his needs more accurately. He did commit to take the lessons again, so that is super great and we're excited for him to progress!

The wonderful thing about the YSA is that they are so eager to bring their friends to activities and such. Brandon, a member, has been bringing his friend/co-worker, Monique, to activities for the past six months. And get this, no missionaries have ever talked to her! What?! So we were super excited to coincidentally stop by their workplace and talk to her. And it worked! As Sister Schlosser said, "We sacrificed our figures to bring her the gospel". But man, that burger was good. And totally worth it to ask her if she wanted to take the lessons. She said "yes"! So we met with her on Friday after Mission Leadership Conference. We taught the Restoration. Basically it took us forever cause she had so many questions! Great questions, though! Just a lot of them. So I feel as though we may have overwhelmed her a bit, but I'm still pretty sure she's excited to learn more. And guess what?! She agreed to a baptismal date! #miracle April 16th 'twill be a grand day. We're pretty stoked to say the least. She is so curious and so prepared. At the end of the lesson we read Moroni's promise with her (Moroni 10:3-5) and afterwards she said, "I like, I love that'! And she committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She was working yesterday so she wasn't able to come to church, but luckily we know her boss, so hopefully she'll be able to start coming soon! Also. Guess who bore their testimony yesterday? ALVIN. One of the first things he said was, "Guys, I really don't like hugs". Have I mentioned I love the YSA branch? They're quite hilarious. 

Saturday we took a "road trip" up to Green Bay!! So fun, but so many miles. Never again. Haha, but it was good times. We went out to lunch with Karlene and Kyle. Then all four of us went to the Sanders' home to have a lesson with John. Sometimes as missionaries we get early access to the new church media stuff, and so we are able to share the new Easter video with people. So that's what we did! Although the internet was really (like really) slow, we were still able to have a powerful lesson and John was able to give us THREE referrals. It's kind of mind blowing to think how many of our friends, family, and acquaintances are prepared to hear the gospel. All we have to do is invite them to hear it. Not even that, just invite them somewhere where the missionaries can invite them! Cause we're awkward and weird and it's okay, we know that we're strange

I love this gospel and I'm continually amazed at the love that Christ has for me and for all of us. Keep it real, guys. Choose the right!

Sister Quist

Bye to Jaclyn :(