Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 58 - A Week of Change and Lots of Contacting!

Wow! What a week. Said goodbye to my favorite Sister Schlosser on Wednesday. Can't believe she's home now. I miss her terribly, but so happy to have Sister Killian here. We hit the ground running when she got here and haven't stopped since. So much contacting this week! We've testified of the first vision and the Book of Mormon multiple times a day. It's been great! 

Wednesday we tried to contact this less active gal in the branch, but we didn't know her exact apartment number, so we just went around to all the apartments and asked for her. If it wasn't her we would just teach whoever opened up! We never did find her though...but we did find a cool family we're excited to follow up with. 

Thursday we found this super cool park that we've gone back to lots this week! Shout out to my girl, Sister Gifford, for letting us know about it. So many people are there all the time playing on the playground, fishing, walking or biking. It's a goldmine. The weather has been super warm lately so we've been out and about talking people's ears off about this wonderful gospel! At the park there is also this incredibly long slide that goes down the side of this huge hill and we've definitely gone down it. 

Friday was a miracle day! We decided to go see another less active girl in the branch and found a part-member family, too! The Cartwright/Ellis family is so cool. Sister Cartwright recently moved back to Appleton from Montana. This time, her husband, Bobby, came with. He is not a member, but took the missionary discussions for a while while in MT. We're very hopeful for them. They invited us back for a F.H.E. and dinner next week! 

Saturday we contacted...again. We went to UWO to find some more students to teach and found a lot of cool potentials. After lunch we went to contact some potentials, but none of them were home. BUT GET THIS. Right across the street we spotted two semi-less active girls moving into their new apartment. So of course we went over and offered to help them. I think they were a bit weirded out and maybe thought we were stalking them, but it was just a wonderful coincidence. Hopefully it softened their hearts a little bit and we'll be seeing them more often. 

Sunday was church. How I love church! I was greeted by one of my favorite people ever, JESSICA, who was up visiting her uncle for Memorial Day weekend. My heart basically exploded with happiness. I've missed her oh so much! Since our Stake Conference is this weekend, we had Fast and Testimony mtg. this past Sunday. George's car is broken and so we wondered if he was going to be able to make it to church. We didn't see him until the middle of testimony meeting when he got up to BEAR HIS TESTIMONY. Probably one of the most sincere and spirit-filled testimonies I've ever heard. 

And since yesterday was Memorial Day and p-day was moved to today, we had time to contact and meet with lots of people. In the morning we went to the Neenah parade and passed out lots of cards, so that was a fun change of pace! Later, we met with our super cool new investigator, Nicole! Oh my goodness, NICOLE. She's such a peach and super prepared. She's from a tiny town called Ripon, right outside Oshkosh. Which was my first area, so that's fun. She even knows a few members from her hometown. One of whom is the Elders Quorum President in the Branch and the other just got married in the temple. She's a bit of a wild child, but loves the Plan of Salvation. She labeled herself Agnostic, but is very open and excited to keep learning more. 

Lots of good things going on here! I love being a missionary and serving my Heavenly Father in this part of the vineyard! It's incredible to feel the gospel change who I am and see others changed by it as well. The church is true, guys.

Keep choosing the right and have a lovely week!

Sister Quist

my new companion, Sister Killian
 lookin' tired, but had to celebrate the end of transfers with a margarita (virgin, don't worry!)
 cherie is our favorite!‏