Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 57 - Winnebago YSA Round 3!

Hello, hello! Transfer week again and looks like I'll be staying here. Not really a surprise since my companion is going home. My new companion is Sister Killian! I am pretty pleased about this news. I've heard she's super cool. She's only 6 months out, so I'm excited for the fresh blood coming in here. 'Twill be a great transfer! 

In other news we had a pretty decent week. George didn't get baptized, but it's okay. Clearly it just wasn't the Lord's timing. We did have a really great lesson with him and a recent convert about covenants. We used the new Temple and Families pamphlet, which is awesome! There's just not a lot we can do at this point. He won't ask Heavenly Father if this is true, and we can't force him to do that, so we're not sure what his status is at the moment. We'll probably just have to discontinue teaching him for now. Which makes me super sad, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. 

Remember that member referral, Cody, from a while back? We had a fabulous lesson with him at the beginning of the transfer and had very high hopes, but we've failed at trying to contact him since then. He wouldn't answer or return any of our calls or text messages so we kind of just figured he was ignoring us. But then at church yesterday his friend (who is the member) said Cody had just changed his number and didn't know how to get a hold of us and that he is still interested! We almost fell on the floor and we are anxious to begin teaching him again!! 

Apparently "Cody" is a very popular name because yesterday the elders had a HQ referral named Cody come to church for all three hours! Both Sister S and I thought he was one of the head honchos from the stake or something because he was so smartly dressed! But turns out he's actually a non-member YSA so the elders referred him over to us! We can't wait to start teaching him! 

I feel like we just jumped from winter to summer! Went tracting for a long while on Saturday and got a nice sun burn. But because of the nice weather we were able to teach lots of people about the first vision! It's so cool because every time we share the first vision I just know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. The spirit just confirms to me that he really did see God and Jesus Christ. 

Love you all mucho, mucho! Have a lovely week.

Sister Quist

last district meeting with these cool cats!

elder atkinson, elder miller, sister roskelley, sister white, sister schlosser, and sister quist

a selfie with me and Cherie (a recent convert)