Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 61 - Shout Out to My #1 Dad!

My heart is just so happy today! Our week was super busy and full of so many good things. Highlights include:

- WILL. Remember that guy, Will, I mentioned a couple weeks ago? He is doing so well! He came to church yesterday for all 3 hours and loved it. We have taught him about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation and he's praying about a date to be baptized in July. We are kind of baffled by his speedy progression, but he is so sincere and knows that this gospel will bless his life.

- There is a recently returned missionary, Sadie, who has been coming out with us a lot this past week. She has been the biggest help in lessons and has contributed a lot to the spirit there. I'm just so grateful for the YSA's here. They are incredible fellow-shippers and know how to make visitors feel welcome. There is such a huge difference in the progress of an investigator if they have good fellow-shippers.

- Had exchanges with the Oshkosh sisters. Sister White came here and we worked our tails off. I honestly don't think Sister White has a mean bone in her body, so it was great to be able to learn from her example! We taught a billion first vision lessons which resulted in very sweaty missionaries and a few cool potentials! We also saw Will, but you know how that went. Met with Monique as well and she's on fire. She just got a calling in the Relief Society and is still my favorite. 

- Had Zone Conference this past Wednesday in West Bend. Super long drive, but so worth it! This was our last time hearing from the Cutler's before their release on the 30th. They did most of the trainings and it was all on temples and families. It was kind of a recap of MLC, but still very good. The spirit is always so strong when the Cutler's are speaking. 

- Met with Nicole on Thursday and she's so great. She always keeps us on our toes lol. We talked about the nature of God and how we build our relationship with Him.  She is recognizing the spirit, but doesn't really recognize it as the spirit, if that makes any sense. So we decided it would be best to start with the basics and work our way up. She keeps all her commitments, which is the only way she will be able to experience the gospel, but she had to work this Sunday so she wasn't able to attend church. Hopefully she'll be able to get off this week! 

- A little boy in the Neenah ward got baptized this Saturday and boy, Hispanics do baptisms right! They had a lovely service and then afterwards had a feast prepared for everyone. Homemade tamales, beans, rice, and a PINATA. Yeah. Quite the party. It was so fun, but as I reflect on it I'm just so happy that Alejandro decided to make that covenant with our Heavenly Father. Because as much happiness as pinatas bring, the gospel bring so much more! But really the gospel is basically like a pinata where the candy just never stops coming out. That was a bad analogy, but you get what I'm saying :)

- Gave a talk yesterday about missionary work and the Atonement... my two favorite things! I used 2 Nephi 2: 6-9 and kind of took apart each scripture and shared thoughts/experiences in regards to each one. I also added a little shout out to fathers and especially my cute dad (I love you, pops!). I've learned so much about our Heavenly Father and I know He sent our Savior to perform the Atonement. I know that the Atonement is real and its power is accessed by obedience and by repentance. How indebted I am to Christ for making it possible for me to change and become more like Him! 

So I think that's all I've got. Wishing you all a super rad week. 
Make good choices!

Sister Quist

fun with the cute ysa's yesterday!

stacy (who sent you the video), sis. killian, meaghan, me, karlene <3
 ...and kyle holding all of our stuff lol
 our hike last week! 

elder bedgisoff, elder curtis, elder burdsall, elder christofferson, sister killian, and me
 High Cliff State Park

 my favorite sister killian! 

 the big slide!

 going down the slide...
when it rains so hard it floods!