Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 63 - staying in the YSA + happy independence day!‏

What a crazy, busy week. I don't know how weeks can go by so slow, yet so fast at the same time! So much happening here. Will is doing amazing and is progressing so well. He is so willing to accept the gospel, commandments, laws and ordinances. We had a couple lessons with him this week. Talked about obedience, prayer, and scripture study on Tuesday. Pretty basic stuff, but some of the most important! It's so crucial to do these small and simple things. They'll bring great blessings. On the opposite side, it can be devastating to one's testimony and progression if you don't do them. So that lesson went well. We also taught about the Sabbath day and following the prophet on Sunday after church. It was kind of funny cause earlier that day he had mentioned how he was soooo excited to go to Piggly Wiggly after church and get a sub. Then during the lesson we asked if he had any questions and he was like, "sooo, I'm just gonna ask this cause it keeps coming to my mind, but does this mean I can't go get that sub at the Pig"? We explained that Heavenly Father gives us commandments and expects us to keep them, of course there are circumstances that happen, but for the most part we need to be obedient. We told him it was his choice though. He was kind of heartbroken, haha, but he said, "Well, alright. I guess it can wait". (YAY!) We were so proud of him. Ahh, I just love how the gospel changes hearts. 

Had exchanges with the Fond Du Lac sisters on Wednesday. So many unexpected things happened...including a trip to the ER. No major casualties, just a cyst that ruptured. Ouch, so thankful for good health care. We were still able to teach some great lessons that day, Sister S is a champ and I was just in awe of her diligence to get to work after being poked and tested all morning. 

The next day we drove down to Oshkosh to have a lesson with this LA, which went super well. And while we were there the Oshkosh sisters called us and we needed to do a quick exchange! So Sister White and I headed back to Neenah to do some service at St. Thomas. It was a good exchange and we got a lot of things accomplished. 

Said goodbye to our favorite President and Sister Cutler, but welcomed President and Sister Williams on Saturday in Green Bay! We had a nice time meeting them and getting to hear from them a little bit. I really like President Williams and I'm looking forward to knowing him better over the next few months! 

Remember that cute Hispanic family we tracted into last week? Well we went back and had a wonderful lesson with the mom, Patricia. We also asked is she would prefer to be taught in Spanish and she said she would prefer English (woohoo!). It might be a little tough to get them to come to church, she did mention how it was "sooo early". But hopefully she'll be able to recognize the blessing of the gospel are so worth the 9:30 am church service. =

Of course, yesterday was the Fourth of July! We had a great time at the Neenah ward breakfast and got to know some of the members better. A LA YSA invited us to come and get some cherries from his uncle's house, so we did that. We got to check the transfer board and looks like I'll be staying another transfer here in the YSA with Sister Killian! Which we are happy about. We had a little get together with some other missionaries and Alvin and Betty. Played some volleyball and ate some decent burgers. Then we went to this tax office party. I know, tax office party? Yes, haha, a lot of active and less active members work for this tax office and they invited us to come. So we made an appearance and it actually was the most effective part of our day! Heavenly Father has a funny way of making things happen, sometimes. 

I'm excited for all the adventures this next transfer has in store. Will is gonna get baptized and we're gonna find more people to teach and they're gonna get baptized and it's just gonna be all sorts of fun. I can't say it enough, but the Lord's hand truly is in every aspect of the work here...and really every aspect of our lives. This is His gospel!! I love you family! Keep choosing the right and reading your scriptures. 

Sister Quist

 cherries right from the tree!

 finally met Ashley's brother-in-law, Elder Newbry!
 weird hmong rice patty thing...never again

happy 4th!