Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 64 - #miracles

Hello to all my favorite people! Happy Monday! It's been a rad week. We didn't really have a ton of time to find this week, which was lame. But we have planned out lots of time this week! Not gonna make this email a long one, but here are a few updates!

- Taught Will about the Law of Chastity. Which wasn't as awkward as we though it might be. It was actually really good! We had a couple of members there, one of whom is now good friends with Will, so I think that made him feel a lot more comfortable. I love the law of chastity. Yeahh, I realize that might sound weird haha, but it's so GREAT. There is just so much heartbreak in the world and although the Law of Chastity doesn't guarantee a heartbreak free life, it does provide protection, guidance, and a better chance for healthy relationships. I'm a fan. 

- One of the biggest blessings of my mission has definitely been getting to know all sorts of people. There is no way that I would ever meet YSA members from Wisconsin if I hadn't served in a YSA ward. It's amazing how much love I feel for them (and others in my past areas) and it's so sad when these people that I love so much don't make the best choices. There is one gal who is struggling hardcore with a recent death in the family as well as some other issues. We, along with other branch members, have tried to reach out multiple times to her, but she hasn't been very receptive :( On Thursday those we had a strong impression to text her about the progress of one of our investigators cause she had taken us to one of their lessons. So we did, and in reply she asked if she could come over to talk to us. HECK YES. That was a huge tender mercy even though we all were eaten by mosquitoes. 

- Friday we had Mission Leadership Conference in Oshkosh. It was SO GOOD. I was anxious to hear from President and Sister Williams, and I was not disappointed. They are incredible teachers and disciples of Christ. The spirit was very strong and I'm excited to assist President Williams in his vision of becoming a "Zion Mission" by trying to become a "Zion missionary"!!

- Later had a lesson with Will about Temples and family history. We were so excited to teach this lesson cause it's the TEMPLE. There were lots of good questions asked that even made me think about why we go to the temple. I love learning new things from the spirit! In one of her trainings, Sister Williams, talked about how we need to set TWO baptismal dates with investigators. One for their own baptism, and another to do baptisms for the dead. That makes so much sense! Because although we do put much emphasis on getting investigators to baptism, it's really the temple that we want them to go to. In the temple we learn of who we are and who we can become and how to do it! (*crying cause I miss the temple so much*). We committed Will to go to the temple with the branch for the August temple trip. We also had to move his baptism date to the 23rd, which is a good thing and will give him more time to prepare. 

- Saturday basically all of our appointments were either cancelled, moved, or no shows. It was rough. But we were able to see Juan and committed him to come to church!! It was a powerful lesson and the spirit was totally there. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Which is one of my faves! It's so frustrating though because he seemed so excited about coming, but didn't show up Sunday morning. We're not quite sure what happened. 

- Found out our investigator Nicole doesn't hate us!! We have had basically zero contact with her for the past few weeks which has been really sad. We have been praying and praying that she would get back to us, and last night she finally did! Woohoo! So we're meeting with her on Wednesday so pray for that to go well. 

- Yesterday had three huge miracles! One, Will wasn't going to be able to make it to church, but ended up coming and it was fantastic. Two, GEORGE. He's kind of been off the radar lately, but yesterday we just stopped to talk to him for 3-4 minutes after church and later that evening he texted us to see if we could meet! Yes!! So we head over to the park we usually meet him at and wait for him there. Then he calls us and tells us he's at the other side of the park talking to some people. So we get up and go find him. And in the distance we see him talking to this couple on a bench and we were like, "Oh that would be so funny if George just found us some new investigators". So that's miracle three, we come up to him and meet Dan and Jenny. A.K.A. The coolest couple ever! We then proceed to have an hour long discussion with them about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. It was crazy! Everything we shared they were like, "Yes! We agree with that"! Dan even knows a member in one of the Appleton wards. We gave them a Book of Mormon and shared Moroni's promise with them. I wish you could have been there as Dan read those scriptures. Those words hold so much power. They had told us that they were searching for the truth and Dan asked us if we felt whole with the gospel. I can confidently say that I feel 100% whole. The complete gospel has been restored and with it I don't have to search for something to fill any sort of empty feeling inside of me, but I know that I have access to it, as do we all!!

Haha, so much for being a short email. Whoops! Just lots of cool miracles and hard work happening here. I hope you have a fabulous week and that you make good choices. To quote Connie, "Jesus loves you and so do I"! :) XO

Sister Quist

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