Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 66 - Happy Pioneer Day + Will's Baptism!

An emotional roller coaster of a week, that's for sure. We've experienced some huge lows and some very high, highs this week. All I'm saying is that the adversary is real and will do just about anything to keep us from following our Savior, Jesus Christ. Ugh! Satan is the worst. BUT. Good news is, is that as we surround ourselves with God and the scriptures and prayer and faith that we can overcome the adversary and his sneaky ways.

This weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate Pioneer Day! Although Wisconsin doesn't do the holiday like Utah does, we still had some great talks in sacrament meeting about the early saints. We were reminded that we can all be pioneers! Maybe we're not crossing the country to escape mobs and persecution, but we are facing our own challenges and trials that are unique to us and through those situations we can become examples to those who are around us and family members to come! 

And you know, Pioneer Day is pretty cool, but I think the highlight of this week was definitely seeing someone we have grown to love enter into the waters of baptism! Ahh, Saturday was a glorious day! WILL WAS BAPTIZED and then, on Sunday, confirmed with the gift of the Holy Ghost!! He was just beaming the entire service! It was lovely. My testimony of the priesthood increases as well as my testimony of the Restoration of the gospel! God is a God of order and I know that Will was baptized by His power here on earth. His whole family came to show support and I think it was a really eye-opening experience for them. On Sunday, he was confirmed and given a really neat blessing full of so many cool promises. Then he was given a calling and is really excited about that!! Sometimes missionaries believe that we knock on doors just to fill time, and at times I've thought that, too, but holy cow tracting works! Grateful for Will and his choice to listen to two random girls in skirts talking about Jesus on his doorstep! I know his life will be so blessed because of that choice :)

Now for my ungraceful transition to other things that happened this week...

+ We had exchanges with the Sheboygan sisters. I was back with Sister Osburn for the day! It was great. 
+ Had a very lengthy conversation with an 8 year old about Harry Potter.
+ Nicole came to Will's baptism!
+ Juan came to church!! 
+ Had Mexican food four meals in a row. #winning
+ We had the musical performance and it turned out so well! Never thought I'd be in a play about the pioneers, haha, but it ended up being a wonderful experience. 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. CTR and have a wonderful week!

Sister Quist

 your little pioneer! ;)

 🧀-heads 4 LIFE.