Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 67 - Consider Something Better

THIS WEEK FLEW. Holy smokes it's already Monday. And August, what!? This week was pretty normal. I mean, relatively. Normal isn't really a thing in the life of a missionary haha. It was a good week. We tracted and biked and walked. Just living the dream here in Wisconsin! :) 

As a companionship we've really been trying to focus on having sacred studies! Especially companion study. They're never bad, but we just want them to be a time of revelation and inspiration! And they have been! Yesterday I was reading a talk from the October 2014 General Conference called, "The Lord Has a Plan for Us" by Elder Carlos A. Godoy. He said, "Just because things are going well does not mean that we should not from time to time consider whether there might be something better". That just really resonated with me. Because for the most part we are not all going through major life crises at all times in our lives. There will be times when life seems to be going pretty good. I've thought about this a lot and just wondered how I can progress even when life seems to be okay. And not only that, but how can I help others progress when they feel their lives are pretty good. Sometimes I feel like we think that progression and growth only comes in or after a trial, but we know that we can continue to improve even when we feel content. He referred to Elder Oak's talk about choosing the good, better, or best choice and mentioned how the best paths in life are rarely the easiest. And as I reflected on that and talked about it in our studies I came to the conclusion that maybe the best path is the easiest, maybe it's the hardest, but no matter the difficulty level all we need to do is counsel with the Lord, follow His will, and we will succeed and grow in whatever path He has planned for us! :) 

We had an investigator, Jake, show up to our sports night on Friday. He even stayed to help clean the church building after with the YSA and went out to eat with them after. WHAT!? When we started teaching him he made it clear that he wasn't really interested in converting, but said he'd be interested in coming to activities. So we invited him and he showed up! We also found out he is interested in family history, so we're going to work with him on that and we know the Spirit of Elijah will soften his heart! Also, the spirit of sports night lol. 

Christ lives and loves us and I know He is guiding us!! I love this great work and I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ restored once again on earth! CTR. Be good. Read your scriptures! I love you! 

Sister Quist

 no miles left for our car = a good day for a bike excursion!

companionship nail painting party