Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 68 - Happy in the WI!

Apologizing in advance for the lack of words this week! Hopefully I'll make up for it with lots of pictures! This week was wonderful. We had our Mission Leadership Council and it was exactly what I needed. President Williams has brought such an exciting vibe to the mission and it's so contagious. Since we are having our mission tour this month we weren't going to have an extra zone meeting, but with all the new information brought up at MLC we decided that it would be best to hold a zone training meeting TOMORROW. So not a lot of prep time, but we're looking forward to it nonetheless. :) 

What else happened this week. Oh yeah. Well, we met with Nicole, and had a REALLY GREAT LESSON. Holy cow, it was so good. She was excited to come to church then bailed last second, which we were super sad about. George had an accident at work and is currently in the hospital. He will be okay, but could use some extra prayers right now! So, he wasn't able to attend church. We met a cool girl named Sally this week. She was sooo interested in the gospel and coming to church then we texted her Saturday night and she bailed, too. Rough week. Coming to church is so great, guys! 

Actually, that was a big part of MLC on Friday. We've been reading Moroni 6:4-6 with people and just sharing how many blessings will come as we worship Christ together and especially as we partake of the sacrament! The sacrament has become such a sacred ordinance to me. Our weeks are so busy and crazy and the sacrament is just my time to reflect, restart, and recommit. I love it!  

Lots of YSA are headed back out to school soon, which will be sad. But that also means the campuses will be full of students who are ready to hear our message!! :) We're looking forward to that. We had exchanges with the Oshkosh sisters this week and I was able to go back to my first area! What a weird experience. It was so fun to be back and to serve with Sister Roskelley for the day. She is super committed to this work and such a wonderful example of charity! So thankful for good sisters who are working hard for the Lord. I was able to see some old friends and it was wonderful. Quincy is doing so good and is very interested in family history. He's excited to attend the temple sometime soon. We also saw the Murphy's! Well, some of them, and that made me so happy. We even saw a super LA family in the ward and it was a huge tender mercy cause her son is a very active YSA and he was there. So basically the only reason she even let us in was because he was there. The Lord works in the most mysterious ways. I love this work and I love this gospel! Christ is our Savior. There is not one of us that is too broken that He cannot fix. 

Have a good week! Be safe! Choose the right! Love you!

Sister Quist

exchanges!! look who I found! Sister Ah Mu! (a fellow Lone Peak-er)
 exchanges with sister roskelley!
Perks of going on exchanges in my past area: going to dinner at this cute lady's house! I love the Murphy's!
 from our hike last week! definitely one of my favorite places around here.
sam, sis k, and me being blinded, but loving life! ;)
 just a bunch of crazies having a lesson in the hot, humid park!

I love Sis. Giff! ❤ 
 said "goodbye" to my cute trainer! see you in idaho!
 all the STL's at MLC on Friday!
cutest people everrrr. see you in utah, stacy! ;(