Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 77 - Working Hard in Green Bay

HOWDY! What a super week! It's been great. 

First district meeting of the transfer! Our district is so wonderful and we set some amazing transfer goals! It will be one heck of a transfer. 

We saw our investigator, Suli. She's Hmong. The elders referred her to us b/c she's a single woman and they just thought we would be able to connect better with her. The first time we went over she was definitely not all there...if you know what I'm sayin'... BUT we went over again the next night and she was so cool! She's living by herself with her 3 year old daughter, who is officially our best friend. Her cousin, Benson, was baptized at the beginning of September. Suli has a lot of challenges that she needs to overcome, but she has a desire to change and to be baptized, so we're excited to keep working with her.

Met with Cayla and she expressed some concerns that she's been having. Her biggest hang up is the 3 kingdoms of glory and also coffee. UGH. Curse you, McDonald's pumpkin spice latte!! But it was actually really good to hear her concerns because now we can address them and she can continue to progress. She bailed on church, again. Which was sad. She's just so hot and cold. We're trying to help her understand that the gospel of Jesus Christ isn't a once a month kind of thing. It's a lifetime commitment to our Savior! Later in the week we went over to teach her about the Plan of Salvation, but we ended up having a really great discussion about personal revelation and spiritual gifts. It was funny because we were talking about spiritual gifts and Cayla was like, "sooo is there like a list of these spiritual gifts somewhere cause that would be great"! And Sister H and I looked at each other and said, "why yes, haha, yes there is"! So we flipped our BoMs to Moroni 10 and read about just some of the gifts that Heavenly Father can give to us.

Tried to meet with Ashley this week, but she texted us after many failed attempts at contacting her and said that she was in the hospital for an infection in her leg. Yikes! We wanted to go visit her and bring the elders to give her a priesthood blessing, but she never responded. :( So, hopefully everything is okay. We have been praying a lot for her to heal. 

Met with the Hone family and had a great lesson with them on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Hone has to work every other weekend, so she wasn't going to be able to make it to church, but Brother Hone and their daughter came, which was awesome! Their daughter runs that family and hasn't been to church in a million years so it was great that she came with her dad! 

The Moore's finallllyyyyy met with the Bishop of the Oneida ward and he told them that going to the 2nd ward was better than not going to church at all. SO YAY. Now they're going to come back to church. And Rilee and Shawna will come as well. Had a good lesson with Shawna this week. Rilee was at her dad's this week. But Shawna is doing good and is still excited to continue on the path towards baptism!! 

Friday was MLC and it was amazzzzinggg. We talked a lot about JOY and having a Christlike companionship. I'm basically obsessed with Russell M. Nelson's talk from conference. So good. On our way home Sister H and I decided it would be a great idea to go get MAC AND CHEESE BITES from TOMS in Neenah, since we were passing through anyways. So we hopped on the freeway and I look to the car next to me and who do I see? WILL. Recent convert, Will?? YES. It was the weirdest tender mercy everrr. Haha, we tried yelling to back and forth while driving, but that didn't prove to be a very good idea. Sooo we just waved and drove off! Such a funny coincidence. After MLC all our appointments cancelled, so that was cool. Except our dinner appointment with Anna! She's a gem. She's a recent convert who just got moved into the 1st ward. But she fed us and we froze our fingers off at the park. It was a good time. We did talk to a lady named, Mary! She was SO COOL. She was like, "Yes! The Book of Mormon is sitting on my dresser with my Bible"! #wut So we set up a return appointment with her! 

Saturday was BUSYYY. So many good things happened. Not enough time to write about them all. But one cool miracle is that we met with a gal named Katerina. She's an 18 year old LA Hmong girl and we had a super great lesson with her. We watched "Like a Broken Vessel" by Elder Holland and we all cried. The spirit was supaaa strong. 

Sunday was exactly how it's suppose to be -- refreshing! I love General Conference, but how I needed the sacrament! It's amazing how you can actually feel a difference in your life. Oh how I needed it. In other news, we were calling a bunch of potential people in our phone and ended up talking to a guy named Bill who used to live in Wisconsin, but is now currently in Tennessee, but originally from Australia. So that was cool. We shared the First Vision with him and he told us about how he and his wife came to the US to be missionaries for their church. He was watching the Packer game so he had to go. Lame, but it was a good discussion. 

Well. We are going hiking to a waterfall soooo I've gotta go! But I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week!! CTR and BE GOOD. 


Sister Quist

After teaching a lesson to some kids in the pouring rain. 
Pretty flower in front of Grandma Ying Moua's house.
Eating a SPONGE CAKE. Basically steamed rice in a flower mold.  
 sister h & lilly & me