Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 5 - Cars and Boulders DON'T Play Well

Happy Tuesday!  This week was so weird. I just feel off my game (...if I even had a game to begin with!). The reason being is probably because we got in a little accident Saturday. Don't freak out. We just ran into a boulder. Okay, that still sounds bad. Hahaha, there were some boulders placed alongside the road and we parked right behind one. And then when we were pulling out the boulder scraped up the front bumper and torn off the hubcap. Yikes. It's been a rough week with car troubles. Sis. S thinks we're being punished or something. I don't think that's really the case :) We're probably going to have to bike or walk for a couple days this week because of our car. Lol, we'll see how that goes.
I'm happy to hear that your Memorial Day was great! Ours was quite fun as well.  We had a double dinner, so that was fun. Both with the Elders.  Okay, the day started out not so good. Our car wouldn't start! We had to call a member to come jump it. Luckily it started and no more problems happened. What is up with our car this week! We went to the Irizarry's and they grilled us some food. The Irizarry's are my fave. They're hilarious. My Spanish Grandparents. Then we had a second dinner at the Murphy's a couple hours later. Double dinner- holla!

This week we were visiting the V family, who we visit frequently.  They have five kids under the age of 10 and struggle a bit. It is always chaotic and stressful when we visit.  Sis V really does her best. I can tell she is just so overwhelmed with life.  We could see the enormous amount of dirty dishes in their sink.  So we volunteered to wash them for her.  She humbly accepted.  But she didn’t have any dish soap.  Only laundry detergent.  I was getting so overwhelmed/ frazzled I was just like "OKAY! We're gonna go buy some real quick". So we ran to the gas station and bought a little thing of soap, then washed dishes for like an hour.

On the drive home, I was just thinking how thankful I am to have two parents who love and care for me. I just have such a greater appreciation for you both. There are so many families here who have negligent parents, especially fathers.  I am just oh so blessed to have grown up in the gospel and in a Christ centered home. There is nothing worse than seeing a family where the mom or dad (or both) don't take their calling as a parent seriously. You two truly are my heros. Pres. Boyd K. Packer said, "Being a parent is a divine calling. Your most important role on earth and in the eternities".  I can't thank you enough for continuing to fulfill that role. It's so sad to see absent fathers in families. I can't imagine not having you, Dad, in my life. There is so much responsibility a father has, as it is his "divine calling on this earth and in the eternities"! Your righteousness as a father has blessed my life so much. You are like hitting the top of the righteous-o-meter, Dad.  How lucky I am to have parents who work together as a team to build up our family.

Our teaching pool is very small. We did have some headquarter referrals this week, FOUR to be exact. Which was a MIRACLE! An hq referral is when somebody goes online and orders a BoM or BIble. So we get to go visit them and bring it to them. We have an appointment with a woman, Donna, who ordered a BoM. I'm very excited for that. I just feel this space in my heart ready to love her and help her. I hope it works out and that I'm not disappointed. Opening my mouth seems to be getting a bit easier.

Also I read (am reading...) this talk called something about the Blueprint of Christ's Church by Tad R. Callister. SO GOOD! Have you read it? I just want to hand it to every person who says "No thanks, we already have a church". Do people not realize that this is Christ's church? Do they not realize that if they really want to follow Christ's example then they should be trying to find a church that follows the primitive church so closely? Well, this is that church! And that talk just goes on to explain how the church Christ established while He was on the earth is basically the same as our church. It's a good talk.

I love you all so much and pray for you and the fam every night. Thanks for the photos and letters and everything. It means so much to me. I miss you, but the home-sickness is getting easier. My heart just bursts with love every time I think of you all!


Sis. Q

Sending us some love as she was emailing us! 
Right back at ya, girlie!