Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 7 - A good week in Oshkosh

My first transfer is (almost) complete! Weird, or what?  We went on exchanges this past week. Man. It's stressful to be the "senior comp". Even just for 24 hours! Being the driver was stressful as well. It worked out though. No laws broken or cars crashed. It was really fun to have Sis. King (the sister training leader) here though. She's going home next month so it was neat to see a more "seasoned" missionary. I learned a lot from her. Just to be more real. I think I've been a bit mechanical. Probably just cause I'm in situations I've never been in before. I also learned that I am perfectly capable. Sis. King was like, "Wow. You are a really powerful teacher". Something that kind of made me speechless.

Thank you for thinking of D. Being "in-charge" of Heavenly Father's children is really stressful! We met with her again. Tried to set a baptismal date, but said she needed to pray about it. Understandable, I guess. We committed her to come to church...which was stake conference. But that night she told us she'd still be out of town. Pretty disappointing. We're seeing her tonight and going to emphasis the importance of church attendance. Hopefully it won't be too much. I think it'll be really powerful.

Gosh. It's been hard to not be able to call you and Dad. At the end of most days I just want to call you and tell you about all the things that we did. I'm doing really well though. We have "New Missionary Training" on Friday this week and I'm very excited to see all my MTC buds. It'll be fun to see how everyone is doing.

We found a couple new investigators this week. Always good. Most of them seem moderately interested so I'm very excited about that! K is one of them. She's my fave. She's a young girl. Married. I don't know if she has any kids. Anyways, she said she and her husband about a year ago were looking for a church and had briefly heard about the LDS church, but nothing happened. When we asked if we could give her the BoM she was like, "Oh my goodness, yes, please! I'm going out of town for a couple weeks, but we're taking a train so I'll have lots of time to read through it before you come back!"  You could only imagine how pumped I was. Then as we were leaving she was like, "I'm really looking forward to talking with you in a couple weeks"! Who says that? She's just the cutest and I'm really hopeful for her. The Lord has prepared so many of His children here in Oshkosh and now it's just a matter of working hard to find them!

In Stake Conference, Elder Packer (of the Seventy) spoke, as well as Elder Haynie (also from the Seventy). Elder Haynie said, "To sprinkle salt (the gospel), you have to get out of the salt shaker (your comfort zone)". I just really liked that. There are so many ways to sprinkle the gospel. And Elder Packer said, "We, who are the pilots of our lives, must learn to land and fly our airplanes in both good and rough conditions". Loved that too.

Have a marvelous week!


Sis. Quist

Her District:  Elder Amann (going home the same day as me!), Elder Drishinski (going home soon), Me, Sis. Straight, Sis. Goldwater, and Sis. Gifford (holding the makeshift selfie stick) Too funny. We have too much fun together.