Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 15 - "Shake off the Dust"

Howdy! So on Wednesday I got my new companion, Sister Coley!! She is from Arizona and is brand new to Wisconsin. She has a very strong testimony and already loves the people so much! She's really cool and I'm excited to get to know her better. We teach really well together (for only being with each other for five days), which I'm grateful for.  Also we have a girl from the ward, Sister W, who will be a "mini missionary" with us for the week.  So it's like I'm training two new missionaries!  

In other news, this week we were walking a lot! We have a certain amount of miles we can use for each month and we were basically out, so we did a lot of walking. But it's okay because we got to talk to so many people. I can definitely say that I have a testimony of walking because of how many people we share the gospel with! 

Just a few exciting things that happened this week.

1. WE SET A BAP DATE WITH QUINCY! Yes, Quincy. The man who doesn't commit to anything and who hasn't budged on baptism since forever. So we extended the date of September 5th and he said that he could strive for that date. HOLLA! So be praying for him :) Unfortunately he didn't show up at church (again). He's still reading the BoM every day though which is awesome.

2. While out walking Friday night we met a guy named Steve. We taught him a little bit about the Restoration and about the Priesthood and he said that he would convert from Lutheran to Mormon if "he could be healed from his diabetes". Oh brother. We explained that while the priesthood power definitely can heal, God gives us certain trials in our lives that we just have to deal with. He seemed moderately interested after that. BUT plot twist, he showed up at church yesterday with his daughter!! We sat with him through Sacrament meeting and afterwards he said he enjoyed it. He tried staying for second hour, but his 1.5 year old daughter was fussy, so he left. Still, though, it was awesome that he showed up. I was just praying that someone would come to church yesterday. We invited so many people to come and I knew that the Lord would prompt someone to come. It was an answer to my prayers.

I was reading this morning in Matthew 10, and this is when Christ calls the Twelve Apostles. Right after he calls them he not only tells them that they need to go preach the gospel, but commands them to. In verse six it says, "But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel". There is such a need for this whole world to hear the message of this gospel. Such a need to preach the gospel to everyone, all the lost sheep in the world! Then a couple verses later in verse fourteen in says, "And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house of city, shake off the dust of your feet". Unfortunately lots of people don't like us and don't give us the time of day.  BUT I'm learning to not get discouraged. I'm learning to just "shake off the dust". Because I know that when I get discouraged my faith weakens and without faith miracles won't happen!

Much love to you all!

Sister Quist

 volleyball with the women of the ward. of course sis. straight and I wore our matching skirts!!
 weekly planning selfie
The trio for the week

So grateful for Sister Cutler (Maren's Mission President's wife), who is so diligent in keeping current the mission blog... Love her for that!
(these are from the mission blog--thanks Sister Cutler!)