Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 17 - Time is Flyin'

Hope you are having a wonderful morning. What the heck, I can't believe school starts this week!! You know, it's really weird to realize that this time last year I was starting my freshman year of college. Now I'm living in Wisconsin. Crazy. 

So this week was pretty good. I'm honestly just feeling a little discouraged as far as investigators go. Quincy hasn't been to church in forever. So we'll have to move his bap date back (if he even wants to get baptized still...). Ashley is awesome. We didn't see her this week, and she didn't come to church. But we expected that because we're pretty sure she was out of town. So Oshkosh is sometimes cool and has outdoor concerts with pretty decent people. Andy Grammar and American Authors were here this past week. We were out tracting and the elders called us and were right outside the concert. So we got a little sneak peak through the phone. Silly. Right after that though we met this super cool woman, Heidi. She is really awesome and seems so prepared. She got remarried last year and said they've been having a hard time blending their family. Well, the gospel can help with that!! So we're pretty stoked to go back and teach her more tomorrow. We decided that there is no way that this ward is not going to grow any more until we take care of those who are lost. Which is SO MANY. So many less actives. It's so sad. So that's where we have to step in. We stopped by one of my favorite less actives, Roberta (who came to church last week--yay!!), on Saturday and she wasn't home, BUT her daughter who just moved here answered the door. She is 21 and pregnant and wow. She's super cute. She's less active too. We stayed and chatted about life and got to know her for like and hour. Here's my thing. I want to be her friend. I really do, but where do I draw the line from being friend and being a bold missionary. I don't want her to get too comfortable with me where she disregards what I have to say, you know?? I just want to be cool and also powerful. I'm trying to find the balance. 

We met this guy last week and set up a return appointment with him. When we went, he wasn't there :( But it was right by a less active's house that we haven't stopped by in a while. So I felt prompted to stop by. She wasn't home, but her 14 year old daughter was. We talked with her fora  little bit and committed her to come to church. We arranged for her to ride with a member and told us if she didn't need a ride to call us. So she called us Sunday morning and told us that she didn't need a ride because her mom and brother's were going to be coming too!! It was such a blessing to see their family walk in together and finally meet the less active woman. We were able to set up an appointment with them for tonight. So pray that goes well :) 

What else happened this week... I don't even know! Well, I started the BoM over again. So I'm currently in 1 Nephi 19. I think one of my fave chapters is 1 Nephi 17. Verse 21 reminds me of the quote in our kitchen that is instilled in my soul haha-- "We tend to seek happiness when happiness is actually a choice"! 

OH MY GOSH. Here's what happened this week. Well first of all our car had to go in again, so we walked all day Wednesday and Thursday. That was nice. And second of all our a/c has been not working this whole summer. So it's been blazing hot and muggy here this past week and so I finally got fed up with it and we took it into the dealer. They said it would be at least 30 minutes to diagnose.  20 minutes later, they came in to inform us of the culprit… a subway bag. Apparently this little bag has just been blocking our a/c vent.  Ugh. So this whole summer the a/c has been FINE. 40 minutes later we were out of there with our a/c working like a charm.

Sometimes I'm like, wow. This is THE longest day ever.  Is it bedtime yet? But then I just realized that my 4 month mark is this week!  Time is so precious and I'm just hoping that I am making some difference in someone's life. I just want to be an influence for good to someone.  I know that as long as I'm being obedient and working hard,things will work out.  Maybe I'm not seeing a million baptisms, but I am recognizing that God works in the most mysterious ways and He has a plan for all His children. I'm seeing that firsthand and it's incredible!

Thanks for the love and support and prayers! I have the best people. 

Sister Quist

Me and my cute Jessica last Monday! Saying bye before she heads to Snow College :(
Spiders for days. More like, mutant spiders for days!! I'm actually pretty positive that WI has more spiders than anywhere else in the world.