Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 18 - "Cold today…hot tamale"!‏

Ayy! How's everyone doing? Short on time so here's what went down this week:

Monday: Pretty tame p-day. Went to qdoba and got SOAKED in the rain. So that was fun.

Tuesday: I don't remember

Wednesday: The Elder's (well, Elder Kelly) made us breakfast and it was amazing. We had a REALLY wonderful lesson with a recent convert, Paige, and her hub Andy. The spirit in their home is unbelievable. Andy said something profound and I have to share. We were talking about the sacrament and he said, "an altar is where heaven and earth and time and eternity meet". BOOM. Think about that one. Also had a great lesson with our investigator Katlin. She's really great and we set a bap date with her!! September 26 :) We are really excited about it.

Thursday: Weekly planning. Always a great time. We went over to the Thompson's later that evening for the yummiest dinner on their rooftop with the Elders. I love the Thompson's.

Friday: Went to the Irazzary's. They are so cute. It's been what they call an "indian summer." Low 60's one day then 90 the next. It's been interesting. But I'm not complaining.

Saturday: Sister training leaders came. Sister Cook and Sister Karlsson. What champs. We did the farmer's market in the morning and it was actually very successful! We met a girl named Cassie and we have an appointment with her at the family history center this Thursday! 

Sunday: No investigators showed up to church, but Sister A, Sis. J, and Sis. B all came and it was great. Gotta stay positive. Elder D gave his goodbye talk. It was a great day.

Favorite chapter this week: 2 Nephi 2. Read it. Love it. Live it. 

Lots of love to you all :)

Sister Quist

So Elder Kelly is a saint and insisted on making us breakfast on Wednesday. We're talking bacon, eggs, biscuits, french toast. The whole 9-yards. It was fantastic.
This is my anxious face. I guess? I wouldn't hold the frog so I made Sis. Coley put it on the BoM so I could get a pic with it. Then I threw it off aggressively cause it scared me.  
 frog part 2 - action shot
a pic in a fire truck from our week with our mini missionary, Sister W
selfie cause we can