Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 19 - A Sacred Grove

Hello everyone! How have you all been? This week has been great! We contacted a lot and met a lot of less actives. It's been great because we had the miles this month to go out to Winneconne, Omro, and Ripon. We were able to meet with a less-active woman, Sis. B and her four kids. I love this family. I just want them to all get baptized and be a forever family! But we went over with their home teacher and he gave them all blessings before school starts this week. The spirit was thick. And it was cool because the kids' friends were there and they were asking us a ton of questions about the church. We did some tracting this week (when do we not tract?? haha) and we met Chad and Carey--who are AWESOME. Actually, we went back to this neighborhood to check up on some potentials and we decided to stop by the frog house from last week cause there were cars in the driveway. Chad immediately invited us into his home and we were able to talk to him and his wife, Carey, about the church. They were very open and we left them with a prayer. Probably one of the most spiritual experiences I've had tracting. Sis. Coley offered the most sincere and spirit-lead prayer. Afterwards, C & C were both in awe. I have lots of hope for them :) 

We went to Winneconne this week and visited with the Kuhns. This great older couple in the ward. Brother Kuhns said that every family needs to have their own Sacred Grove! I love this. It's true. And not only every family, but every human needs their own Sacred Grove. A place to go to ponder and pray and just be. A place that you can feel the spirit. I just thought that was a really great idea. So I challenge you all to find a "sacred grove" for yourself! :)

Have a wonderful week! Read your scriptures, say your prayers. 

Lots of love!
Sister Quist

i don't really know what this is actually. wisconsin is #1?? YES!! 
my faves! our last district meeting before Elder D ditched us.
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