Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 21 - Made it to West Allis!

Greetings from West Allis!  Hahaha yes, yes. I am safe... relatively ;) Yes, we have a car. Which is a huge blessing! It's a way nice car too. West Allis is not like Oshkosh, I'll tell you that. We were at McDonalds with a recent convert named Tubree and her daughter Shantella (7). And I've never felt more out of place! White girl alert! Sister Osburn and I were definitely the minority. They were playing Spanish music. I've also never been in a McDonalds where they had to have security. Lol. That's probably not comforting hahaha, but no worries. The Lord will protect us! And we are being smart and safe :)

Oh my goodness I love this ward!! There are tons of active families and I'm just falling in love with West Allis more and more each day. Plus, the weather is beautiful right now. Hopefully it'll stay nice for a while. On Thursday we had this appointment with a potential investigator and we go and she's busy, but then Sis. Osburn is all, "yeah the reason we were over here in the first place is because there is a less active part member family that lives over here". Awesome! So we go up to their house and I see Ashley in the front room eating and she invites us right in and introduces us to her non-member husband, Joe. And she told us that we were lucky we caught her because she was on her lunch break! Yay!! What a blessing. So we talk and get to know them and the whole time I'm thinking, how are we going to get back into their house to teach them? So I'm racking my brain and it hits me- FAMILY HOME EVENING. Duh. So I suggest the idea and they love it. They used to do FHE with the sisters and so we set something up for this Thursday and they offered to feed us (less actives feeding us?? awesome.)! But now we have to come up with a fun lesson/ activity for them that will engage a 6 year old. Any ideas?? Then we went to see these two LA ladies in the ward who have 11 cats. Yes. ELEVEN CATS. But anyways, we're going over to mow their lawn/ have dinner too. 

Anyways. The main people we are working with are the Munoz family. They are awesome. They had us over for dinner Friday night and just are so ready!! Orlando (the dad) is a returning less active. Him and his wife Kelly have 3 kids (with one on the way!!) and his daughter Brittany has a bap date of October 17, which we'll have to change to October 18. Which will be THE best birthday ever!!! Especially since we're working on Kelly, Brittany, and Brent (11) to get baptized that day. Pray for them and their progression!!  

Lots of love! Thanks for the prayers. 

Sister Q
new companions - Sisters Osburn and Quist
Shantella and I at Mickey D's. She makes me so happy!!  
 good ol' car selfie
 New Missionary Training before leaving Oshkosh 
(thanks to the mission blog!)
Sisters Coley and Quist