Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 26 - birthday baptism!

Monday: What a beautiful evening. We went over to the Munoz' and Orlando was ordained to the office of Priest. I could tell that this meant so much to him. The spirit was so strong as Bishop Hayes ordained him. How cool is it that now he could baptize his family?! He was seriously glowing with the spirit.

Highlights throughout the week:

Stopped by the Abshires (part member family) and caught her home with a sick Peter. So happy to see her since we haven't really heard from her in a couple weeks. We have been kind of confused as to why she isn't active so I just decided to be a little bold with her and read Moroni 6:4-6.  She expressed to us some feelings about her husband and the church and why she hasn't been coming to church weekly. It's interesting though because she knows that she needs to be there. She even said how if something is important to you then you will make it a priority. TRUTH. It's that simple and there is no getting around it!

On Thursday we met Brittany at the church for her baptismal interview. Afterwards she and Orlando tried on the jumpsuits and while they were doing that, in walks the Muskego Sisters (Sis Wise and Sis Peterson) with our shared investigator, Jessica! So after the Munoz' left we went and joined in on the lesson with Jessica. It was such a powerful lesson. I love teaching with Sister Wise. But anyways. Sister Wise just kind of looked at me and said "take it away"...okay, thanks for passing the baton Sister! I had no idea what to talk about. But I noticed Sister Wise's necklace was the YW medallion and it reminded me of YW in Excellence that we went to the night before. So I just started talking about how incredible it is that this gospel teaches young women (and young men) that they are all divine children of God. How a lot of kids these days don't really know who they are or where they belong. But in this gospel we know from the time we are in Nursery that we are all sons and daughters of a King! It's so wonderful to know that our Father in Heaven loves and cares so much that He provided a plan for us to return to Him.

On Friday all our appointments cancelled so that was a bummer, but we stopped by the Rein's (LA family). And it's always just a little awkward when you walk up to someone's house and they are sitting in their car. But anyways, it worked out cause she got out and talked to us for 45 minutes while her daughter, Kaley (shout out to Mom!), was sleeping. Sister Rein is so solid. She is a convert. Investigated the church for 4 years. And her husband, Brother Rein is a RM. So basically they are so cool, but are completely not active. We are thinking because of their profession. But we are not sure...we are seeing her tomorrow though so that's happy!

And of course, last night was Brittany's baptism!! It was absolutely wonderful to see her enter into this covenant with our Heavenly Father. And to see her father baptizing her. SO GREAT. Nothing better :) Brittany has made some major changes and it's so cool to be able to see that this gospel is not only changing her behavior, but changing her nature. The gospel of Jesus Christ changes hearts, people! The church is true and I'm so happy that Brittany is now a part of it (officially). Her family is following behind her and is headed toward the temple!! Happy days. 

Well. Lots of love! I hope you are all being little missionaries where ever you are.

Xo, Sister Quist

Quist family birthday poster…love it!!! :) 

 love the gift from lil' sis… thanks natalie! :)
the sisters in the district with sister smith (the senior couple) love them!
 the streets of west allis
Downtown Milwaukee for some Chinese on p-day