Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 27 - #blessed

Hello world! This week has been pretty normal. Other than Brittany was confirmed yesterday and is officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!! Wahoo! It was such a sweet and spirit-filled day. Our ward had their primary program yesterday as well and I just decided that I'm going to be the proudest parent when I have kids. I couldn't wipe away my grin when Jayson (7) and Brent (11) Munoz were up there singing and doing their parts. It was especially awesome because Brent just totally stepped up to the plate and took on the parts of kids who weren't there. What a rockstar. If you can't tell, I just love that family tons. 

I'm just kind of skipping around the week, but here are some highlights throughout:

On Friday we had a blast making applesauce with Sister Capps (a member). (We received a wonderful message on our phone that evening from Sister Capps telling us how much she loves and appreciates Maren.  Made us a little teary, but definitely made our day!) I came out of there sticky as heck, but man alive did we make some good applesauce! Nothing beats homemade.

Friday morning we were running late and I was backing out of the parking spot and my companion was in my blind spot and I'll be honest I wasn't really paying a ton of attention to what I was doing, but to be short I totally backed into another car. Yep. I was trying SO HARD to avoid any car issues on my mission. Whoops! Luckily there was no damage. #blessed

We had a really awesome lesson with our investigator, Jessica, on Saturday morning. Jessica is great and so prepared! She just needs to make more time for the Book of Mormon and CHURCH. But anyways. We decided that it would be good to read a chapter of the BoM with her to make sure she's understanding it and getting it. So we just picked up on where she was...which was 1 Nephi 15. And how perfect was this chapter!! While we were reading verse 27 really stuck out to me. I was like, "This is for Jessica"! And it was crazy cause after we were done reading we asked her what she liked, what she understood, what stuck out? And she totally said verse 27!! She just explained how her mind has been "swallowed up in other things". And I was just thinking how often times our minds are so swallowed up in the things of the world. It's nice as a missionary I feel like I just have one purpose to think about, but as a regular human being there are a million things going on! Life is crazy and that's just a fact, but how important it is to make sure that our minds don't get caught up in the "filthiness" of the world. There is a lot of evil out there and it's so easy to slip into bad habits or become consumed with things that don't matter. It's just awesome that we have the gospel to help our thoughts, words, and actions stay on course with our Heavenly Father's plan!! 

Thanks for the love and prayers. Snail mail is always welcome :) Keep up the Lord's work wherever you are. Love you all!

Sister Quist

 Helllooooo Milwaukee! From our downtown excursion last Monday :) So pretty.

Goodbye Barley's :( Sad day to say goodbye to one of my favorite senior office couples today! I love these two so much. We all sang "God be with you 'til we meet again" as they walked into the office this morning and I'm not a crier, but I could NOT hold the tears in. These two just mean so much to me and I'm grateful for all they have done.