Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 34 - "Speak up... or don't?

Life as a missionary continues to challenge and bless me. It's funny (and every person who has served a mission knows what I'm talking about when I say this) but seriously all the days this week went by so slow. But now that's it's Monday I feel like I was just sitting at the library emailing y'all last week! So much has happened and I honestly don't know where to begin. I guess I'll just start on Monday. That seems appropriate haha. 

Well, Monday was p-day, you know that. That evening we went to the Abshire's for dinner. I really like them. We shared the new church Christmas video and had a nice discussion about the true meaning of Christmas! After dinner we went to Sheryl and Wendy's. We shared with them the talk "Faith is not by chance, but by choice" by Elder Anderson. Which I seem to be hearing a lot about lately. It's such a GREAT talk!! I love those ladies. 

I forget that since I'm training basically half the day is spent in the apartment! Plus District Meeting on Tuesdays is 3 hours so BOOM it's seriously dark outside when we actually get to start proselyting. But after DTM we went and taught Dylan and Carly. Mostly Carly though... Oh MY GOODNESS THOUGH! Carly is progressing so well!! She is so shy, but seriously has come out her shell so much since we've been teaching her. Their mom has been a little hesitant on them going to church with their grandma, but guess who came to church yesterday? CARLY! We were so happy to see her there. For dinner we went to the Munoz's and we go in and they're like, "We're going to Buffalo Wild Wings"! Score! 

We're so blessed here. So we had a fun time with them. They are doing SOOO good. Afterwards we went to institute with Fred K. The spirit was really strong there. I know Fred loves going to institute, so it was nice to go with him and learn together!! He's a very spiritual man. He just doesn't seem to see that in himself. Also, my blow-dryer died. Sad. 

Wednesday I got a new blow-dryer (only the most important things here, people...). But while we were getting it we got talking with this super cool lady and I'm always a little leery of proselyting in stores, but I had to give this woman a card! So I did. It was awkward and uncomfortable, but the Spirit was there and she was nice and told us she would watch the video. It's amazing how the Spirit can testify of truth even in places like Walmart! That night we were able to visit with Tina. Who is an angel. I seriously feel so BLESSED to be able to teach her and teach with her! She is a very special person to me. We talked about how when we turn to God answers will come. Sometimes it's frustrating when the answers aren't what we want or don't come in the time we want, but they will come. 

We will just skip Thursday because nothing too noteworthy happened and I'm running out of time!

Friday was eh too, we saw Barbara!! So that was great! She is doing so well. We talked about the Sabbath Day and the importance of keeping it holy. We also went to see a cool nonmember, Judy. Her husband is an active member. I LOVE Judy!! She is such an amazing lady and has the coolest family. We also saw Trish and Callieblue. A mom and daughter who have been investigators (kind of) for a year! But they invited us right in and we are going to make ammonia cookies with them on Friday...we'll see how that goes haha...apparently it cooks out. Pray for us. Jk, we'll be fine :) 

Saturday we saw Jaclyn and actually had a quiet lesson!! That house is full of dogs and kids so sometimes it hard to feel the spirit, but it was there on Saturday!! And super strong. We also saw Jessica and this is where the title of this week comes in. I was talking to her and trying to be eloquent and you know...I'm just not the most eloquent speaker. So I was trying to give her advice and I was just like, "Speak up...or don't"?? Okay, Maren. That sounded STUPID! But lucky for us Jessica loves us and we just ended up laughing about it :) Dumb moments make for good laughs. 

I hope everyone is well!! Love you lots!!

Sister Quist