Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 39 - a week full of tender mercies

Fun fact: every night before we plan for the next day we write down tender mercies for the day. Here are mine for the week:
  1. Beanies. This week has been chilly. High of -1.
  2. Saw Trish & Callie this week (investigators). Love getting to testify of the Plan of Salvation!
  3. Laundry dayyy! Clean clothes...yes.
  4. Emailing my family and friends
  5. So we have this cute old man investigator, Stanley, and we finally got to see him again this week! Hooray! He even let us in (perks (only perk) of the cold weather)! 
  6. The Munoz's are gems and gave us a little space heater because no big deal our heating doesn't work in the apartment. 
  7. Barbara!! Even though we didn't get to see Dylan and Carly. I still love meeting with Barbara.
  8. Chick-fil-a (always a tender mercy)
  9. Tidied up the apartment. 
  10. Munoz's. Crazy lesson on the 10 commandment. Exodus 20, people. Read them, live them. 
  11. Transfer point! Seeing some missionaries who are leaving/coming. I love making new friends!
  12. Earl + Fischer's for dinner. I love older people.
  13. Sis. Escobar left, but on her last day we took her out with us!! Rockstar. 
  14. Tina! She hammered down in our lesson with our investigator, Fred!! 
  15. Sister Cutler's cookies.
  16. Jessica's lesson with Bishop and Sister Hayes!! Never having a lesson without a member there. (Bishop showed an AWESOME series of videos called Patterns of Light by Elder Bednar. Go watch). 
  17. Sister Morris' dinner. I love hearing all about her mission stories. 
  18. Tracting!! Gave out two Books of Mormon (whoo!). 
  19. Taco bell
  20. Kelly. She's so awesome. 
  21. The beautiful weather! (when it heated up to 34 tropical)
  22. Sister Osburn coming to the Munoz's with us. Talk about flashbacks. 
  23. Got in a car accident...with a pole. No worries. Everyone is safe. Except our car.
  24. Saw Jaclyn. She went to the temple for the first time!! 
  25. My companion
  26. The spirit
  27. Sister Skye's talk in church. Quote, "You don't have to be doing something extraordinary to have an extraordinary life, but you do have to be doing something". 
This week I'm going to focus more on finding joy in the journey! I encourage you to do the same :)

Be good. Say your prayers. Do missionary work.

Sister Quist

 Companion close-up! Wearing our matching beanies.  
So fun to be reunited with this girl! Lucky we got to take her out for the day!