Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 54 - Putting first things first

Happy Monday, everyone! Not much new to report this week, still a great week nonetheless. Went on exchanges with the Oshkosh sisters, Sister White and Sister Roskelley. Always an adventure on exchanges! Sister Roskelley and I went back to Oshkosh to contact on campus, and although the wind literally blew us over a few times we still were able to teach lots of people! We saw a recent-ish convert in the Branch who is struggling a bit and I think it helped her out. It's kind of amazing what daily scripture study and prayer can do for one's testimony. That's a big lesson that I've learned in this area. Especially at this YSA age it's super easy to get caught up in who's dating who and what's #trending and what music is coming out and how am I going to make enough money to buy bread. Amen, guys! I'm totally guilty of this. It's just tough to see how when we put those things first the Spirit becomes harder to recognize and reading your scriptures and saying your prayers don't seem as important. 

Hmm, what else happened this week...well, this didn't happen with me there, but it's still awesome! On exchanges Sister Schlosser and Sister White met with our new investigator, Cody and it went super well! He's excited to read the Book of Mormon and see what the church is all about. 

Met with Monique for her first new member lesson (cause she's a new member!!!!). After converts are baptized we teach all the missionary discussions over again. We were able to talk with her more about the Restoration and she was able to share her experience of coming to know the Book of Mormon is true. We asked her about the Holy Ghost and if she's felt a difference and she just smiled and said "yes"! She continued to tell us about an experience when at a friend's house. Her friend was struggling and the whole time Mo was talking with her she felt this prompting to say a prayer with her friend. She said she tried to suppress the feeling, but ultimately couldn't. She was pretty nervous because she's not very comfortable saying prayers with people yet, but she said as she started to pray the words just came to her and she said things that she, herself, couldn't say. I know that the spirit will truly give us the words to speak in the very moments that we need them! 

Remember Ben? Yeah. Met with him on campus this past Wednesday. Right from the beginning he seemed kinda off and as we got to the "baptism" portion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ he expressed that this wasn't "his path right now". Which made us super sad. We just decided that we're never having "DTR" lessons with people in the upstairs lobby on campus anymore cause this is the second time an investigator has dropped us there! 

Met with a way cool investigator, Juan, on Friday! He's from the Dominican Republic and is a student at UWO. Carolyn was able to come with us which was a HUGE blessing because her testimony is solid. 

Running out of time, but I love you all and I want you to know that I know this gospel is true. With all of my heart I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He died for us and that He lives for us! As a mission, we are reading the BoM and this past week I read in Mosiah chapter 23 and I loved, loved, loved verse 11! Read it, embrace it. God is so good! CTR. 

Sister Quist

Sister Roskelley and I on exchanges!
 Fun to see my Oshkosh peeps!! :))