Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 55 - Another Great Week + a Phone Call Home!

Hello, hello! Not much to say, since I got to talk to your cute faces yesterday!! What a treat. 

We did have MLC on Friday, which was such a spiritual boost! Both President and Sister Cutler gave super great trainings. Sister Cutler's was all about the six levels of motivation. Those being force, fear, punishment/reward, duty, faith/trust, love/charity. Kind of made me reflect on what makes me do the things that I do. Do I get up at 6:30 am because I feel obligated to do so or because I love my Savior and His gospel? I've been thinking a lot about that since Friday and just pondering how I can take even the simple things that I do as a missionary and do them because I love and trust the Lord. 

Yesterday we had some fabulous speakers in Sacrament meeting!! Our Elder's Quorum presidency all spoke in the YSA branch. All of them talked about mothers and women. The spirit was super strong and testified to me of just how sacred and divine the role of mother and wife is. I was inspired to read Sister Marriott's talk from the April 2016 conference. In it she says (to be read in your best southern accent), "The Lord’s Church needs Spirit-directed women who use their unique gifts to nurture, to speak up, and to defend gospel truth. Our inspiration and intuition are necessary parts of building the kingdom of God, which really means doing our part to bring salvation to God’s children". I feel oh so blessed to be apart of this wonderful work of salvation and to be surrounded by so many incredible women. Although the most incredible woman is miles away from me, I am still so lucky that she is mine for eternity. How grateful I am for mom's who nurture and teach, love and support, laugh and counsel, and many more things! God is good for giving us mothers.

Well. That's all I've got for this week. Keep it real wherever you are. Make good choices!

Sister Quist

 Fun at the mall with George!

 Love this ginger companion of mine! :)
 Exchanges round 2 with Sister Peterson from Fond Du Lac!

The fab four kickin' it at MLC on Friday! We all came out together ONE year ago! 
Sister Blas, Sister Wise, me, and Elder Reina