Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 56 - "… so they didn't have belly-buttons?!"

Happy Monday! So happy it's a new week. Sometimes it feels good to just start over. Last week seemed to creep by ever so slowly, but good things still happened! Tuesday we had zone training and Sister S and I gave a training on "the Covenant Pathway". Which in a nutshell is Baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, the Priesthood (if you're a man), Endowment, and Sealing. And how all these covenants are essential to receiving ETERNAL LIFE. Heavenly Father is ready and willing to make these promises with everyone, but sadly not everyone will chose to follow this path. The training was all about what we can do to help people who haven't made any of these covenants make them and receive all the blessings God has for them. We need to focus not only on baptism, but seeing themselves in the temple. Which led me to read Elder Cook's most recent conference address on the temple, which is so good! One thing he said was, "pray that each of us will honor the Savior and make any necessary changes to see ourselves in His sacred temples". Amen. 

Wednesday/Thursday we went on exchanges with the Appleton sisters, Sister Christensen and Sister Carlini. Oh, and big news. Now exchanges are back to actual exchanges! So I packed up my stuff and headed to Appleton for the day. It was a fun change to work in a different area for a bit. Sister Carlini is a fabulous missionary! She is such a great example of diligence. We had a few appointments and it was such a treat to teach one of their investigators, Stacy, who is gonna get baptized this Saturday!! Woot woot! We also got sushi, which I was a little skeptical about, but it was actually really good and now I'm a fan!

Brb, gonna go teach Mo about the Plan of Salvation.

Alrighty. Haha, I love Monique so much!! We just talked about the Plan of Salvation and when we got to the part about Adam and Eve she said, "so they didn't have belly-buttons?!" Lol, never thought about that, but I guess she's right! Monique is doing so well!

Friday we got mac n' cheese bites from Tom's Drive In. Also known as "mac 'n crack". Welcome to Wisconsin, everyone. Deep friend mac n' cheese, we died (from all the cholesterol and because they're delicious). What else happened on Friday? Hmm, oh yeah! We were in the middle of weekly planning and we get a call from a recent convert telling us her friend was down to meet us for lunch. We were super surprised and a little nervous because from what she's told us her friend is a little cray. So we met him and it wasn't as bad as we thought it was gonna be, so that was good!

George is still George. We're trying so hard to have faith in him that he will make his date. He committed to pray about the gospel yesterday and so we're anxious to hear back from him about how that went. In all his years of investigation he has never prayed to know the truth. Crazy! We had a few very powerful conversations with him over tacos this past week. Last week we went over the baptismal interview questions and there were a few concerns that we had regarding actual doctrine that he didn't understand, so we talked a lot about those. Pray for George, please! Maybe we could start that as a hashtag? #pray4george Nah, but any prayers on his behalf would be gladly accepted!

I love this wonderful work I'm doing! I love my Savior.

Have a great week and choose the right!

Sister Quist 

sushi and our jewish friend in the back!
spent way to much time on this poster, 
but dang it looked good. 
(for the Preparedness Fair in the Neenah Ward)

Mission Leadership Conference - May 2016
(from the Mission Blog)